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  1. I have just passed today with 9XX. 100Qs that Ferris shared [Hidden Content] is still valid. Thanks all bro.
  2. Please add me, let me know group info. Thanks for all.
  3. Thanks for your sharing. Please share if you have Sybex CISSP 7Edition Study tool that mentions in this book. The additional study tools can be found at www.sybex.com/go/cissp7e. Here, you will get instructions on how to download the files to your hard drive.
  4. Hi, I have just passed JN0-102. It has 70 questions. I used Actualtest (JN0-102 version 3.1) but i found about 5 questions same as dumps. I think that there are more than 60 new questions. Some questions are about IPv6 but they are very simple. One question asks the internal link between control plane and data plane of MX series. Some questions are about TCP/IP (OSI and TCP model), routing instance. There is not the simulator question or drag and drop. Be careful and good luck ! JN0-102sg.zip
  5. MrLee

    TS Pass Score

    You should be calm when doing this sesion. The questions are often easier and more clear than when you study. Each question may have only one or more faults. And it dose not tell you how many bugs are there. Normally two 3 points questions will be many bugs. And When doing TS, you need to read the questions very carefully because the questions may require you not to be allowed to do something. Its very importance. Do the easiest questions first then back to difficult questions. Good luck.
  6. Both of them updates questions and solutions from this forum. If you want you should buy these materials from "Group buy" on this forum. They are cheaper than. Moreover after you buy Cert/PCL, your account could be locked/deleted with unknown reason. Good luck.
  7. MrLee

    CCIE grading time

    About 1 hour after finishing the examination, you will get the report. But i think the awaiting time depend on the location and the number of candidates. After getting the congratulation email, you can check the status of certification on Cisco website. There is a note that you will not get ccie number at this time. Contact to Cisco online cert support, they will let you know next steps. Good luck.
  8. drbow, Thanks for your sharing Pls let us know that 1. The real-ts topo is same as UldsD ver2 or which topo is the most accurate ? 2. About the QoS, is it MQC or FRTS ? Could you paste detail your solution ? Thanks so much,
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