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  1. Also this: An engineer must design a multicast network for a financial application. Most of the multicast sources also receive multicast traffic (many-to-many deployment model). To better scale routing tables, the design must not use source trees. Which multicast protocol satisfies these requirements? a. PIM-SSM b. PIM-SM c. MSDP d. BIDIR-PIM some say B other say D
  2. what is the correct answer for this Q? EIGRP has been configured on all links. The spoke nodes have been configured as EIGRP stubs, and the WAN links to R3 have higher bandwidth and lower delay than the links to R4. When a link failure occurs at the R1-R2 link, what happens to traffic on R1 that is destined for a subnet attached to R2? a. R1 has no route to R2 and drops the traffic b. R1 load-balances across the paths through R3 and R4 to reach R2 c. R1 forwards the traffic to R3, but R3 drops the traffic d. R1 forwards the traffic to R3 in order to reach R2 Some say A other say D Please support.
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