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  1. Having a look at the material still doesn't explain the offical "coming soon" status. Is it some kind of beta release?
  2. Interesting that the decrypted Vol.1 works for some guys. I get this message:
  3. The mirror link offers great DL speed. Thank you!
  4. The file mentioned by sakis contains the 2010 version plus two TS updates from 2011.
  5. Very nice, thank you. Note: The files contained in this torrent are identical to the ones shared in this forum. That means: #10 is missing #61 - #90 are missing
  6. Was the exam result a close shave? While skimming through the questions I was under the impression that lots of answers marked as correct were in fact wrong. Or did you just refer to the fact that the questions you encountered were the same as in the VCE?
  7. As lots of questions are answered incorrectly in this VCE, you have to identify the right answers by yourself. Nevertheless, a nice aid for preparing.
  8. Links from both sources are invalid.
  9. On IOU speed and duplex cannot be configured.
  10. Unfortunately, the hotfile link is no longer valid. Is someone able to upload again?
  11. Isn't it included in the offer?
  12. AFAIK duplex and speed are not configurable in IOU/IOL.
  13. Without the duplicates I count 70 modules (ranging between module 1 and 80).
  14. Hi, passed 642-832. 3 MC, 1 D&D, 12 TT. A look at the [email protected] on the last day of preparation and playing with the [email protected] will help to ace the exam.
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