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  1. Still valid just passed. Few new questions How do multicast routes pick DR Aci load balancing modes How do asa multi context work with aci device package Faced all the new questions in that ycs dump aswell I don't remember the options but start reading about it All other questions from this dump
  2. Yes you are right, thanks for the clarification, Source is here -[Hidden Content]
  3. hi another strange question. On a Cluster with three APICs, on which one can you actually see the device package logs 1- Depending on the device package, on the apic that is the leader of that device package 2 - APIC-1 3 - Depending on the tenant, on the apic that is the leader of the shard for that tenant 4 - On the one that is a leader for a device package service I know for a fact you can use ANY apic to view the logs, regardless of shard leader, shard dont even work in that manner. So i am hoping in the EXAM it says any APIC because you can use all three apics in the cluster to view the logs. I have just replicated this in my lab aswell. Confirmed here aswell - The log files are accessible by logging in to the APIC as the fabric administrator. The log files are located in /data/devicescript/<vendorname-model-pkgversion>/logs. [Hidden Content]
  4. guys this is interesting, What two actions must occur for an APIC to be discovered successfully into an ACI Fabric > Its saying Disable LLDP This is wrong answer for me, its needs to be enabled for sure. To back my theory this is a valid TAC response "The LLDP needs to be enabled and will contain special TLV’s identifying the Fabric Name, TEP Address, and UUID of that APIC. Note: Using acidiag touch clean or eraseconfig on an APIC will cause it to generate a new UUID and the other APICs will not accept it until it has been decommissioned and recommissioned from their GUI."
  5. where can you buy spoto from guys?
  6. Hey guys, where. Do I buy the spoto dump from, anyone got link
  7. i have my exam on Friday and i have used this dump, which i paid for, so i will tell you the outcome then.. fingers crossed
  8. yeah the link is here - [Hidden Content] its pretty cheap really, defo worth a purchase, good studying and labbing, and a once over of that document, i was good to go
  9. nothing wrong with it, i used it last week. no issues
  10. Guys, is there anyone using EVE NG to build a lab for CCIE SP. I got one running which matches INE for starters. However i am having a strange issue with sub-interfaces on the CSR1000v. Two routers connected together via sub-interfaces will not pass traffic to each other. If running in VMware workstation, its perfect. However EVE-NG via OVF directly on Vmware ESXi, i cannot seem to get this working. Just wondering if anyone else had any issues or was seeing this. I am using CRS1000V 3.16 and ESXi 5.5, plus latest version of EVE-NG any help would be great thanks
  11. that is correct and you need output aswell
  12. yep correct. there is no logic to the CCIE exam mate, just do what the question asks mate and get it configured, get your numbers
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