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  1. Please take in mind that some parts of this course are from v5.0 and some parts have awful video quality. Total duration is about 220 hours.
  2. Enjoy. Size: ~46 GB [Hidden Content]
  3. Not yet. I will to download it but I'm not sure how much time it may take(course duration is more than 220 hours).
  4. That was failure on my side. Please use new magnet link.
  5. Torrent below is a current snapshot of available INE's Datacenter v3.0 course. These are not included(because course incomplete): Data Center Fabric Connectivity :: Inter Fabric connectivity Data Center Compute :: Hyperflex Data Center Storage Protocols and Features :: RoCE v2 over IP Networks Data Center Automation and Orchestration :: Data Center Tasks Using Scripts (Python and Ansible) Data Center Automation and Orchestration :: Data Center Automation and Orchestration Using Tools Instructor: Brian McGahan Duration:82h 49m Size: 38.8 GB [Hidden Content]
  6. Enjoy. [Hidden Content] P.S I could experience some issues with my seed box so please be patient
  7. Full course version. [Hidden Content] ------------------------------ # Hide Tag while posting download links Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces). ------------------------------
  8. noobotron

    NSX-T 2.2

    Take in mind that they changed some requirements to bare metal edges. It looks like that you can run it on relatively fresh Intel CPUs(not from HCL). I managed to run it on Supermicro servers with Xeon D-1518 on board. But NIC requirements still very stricted, only some Intel-based chips supported. To get more details on NICs visit [Hidden Content]
  9. noobotron

    NSX-T 2.2

    nsx-lcp- [Hidden Content]
  10. noobotron

    NSX-T 2.2

    nsx-edge- [Hidden Content]
  11. noobotron

    NSX-T 2.2

    nsx-edge- [Hidden Content]
  12. noobotron

    NSX-T 2.2

    nsx-controller- [Hidden Content]
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