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  1. Strange, strange, even weird!! Yesterday I wrote a reply to this post and today it is gone!! Without reason nor notification! Pls can someone explain to me! Maybe one of the mob's that has taken it off!!
  2. Congratz to the CertCollection-team. Quality is ever lasting!!!
  3. hi guys, Can anyone tell me how I can adapt my signature. Sorry I have forgotten it!!! Thanks in advance __________________________________________ My to copycat way to generate additional passive income!
  4. Hi cciekiller001, Are the results published already?
  5. Dutchie


    I agree Shon Harris is a must. I'm a big fan of her!! I do not agree on the official ISC2 CBK! I find it not pedagogically sound to bother students with such a dull way to explain the field of security! In my opinion the field of security is very interesting, vivid and sprankling!!! I would stick to Shon Harris the CISSP all in one and try to get your hands on the videos. If you do not have the budget, you certainly can find them on the net!!! Succes with your journey through the security jungle!! Greetz, Dutchie
  6. Dutchie

    Cisco Certifications

    Of course the Cisco CCIE, if you look something it the realm of security! Other to me interesting cisco certification are: CCNA (basics) and CCNP (great to have). Myself have decided not to go for vendor certificates!! As you can see, I have only vendor independent certificates!! Greetz, Dutchie
  7. Is this still actual?? Do you still have a issue about it? If so I will look it up for you?? Let me know. Greetz, Dutchie
  8. Dutchie

    CEH v6 preparation

    that will do!! Concentrate on the dumps!! Good luck!!
  9. Hi Syed, As Harry817 mentioned, DHCP does have nothing or just a little to do with security!! So for you to trying to hack a server in your office, you have to do as follow: 1) get written permission of your direct boss for trying to hack the machine (just cover your ass if something goes wrong); 2) footprint the server: open ports, versions of service applications, operating system version and his uptime. You can use for it NMAP; 3) perform a vulnerability scan (cause you are allowed to try to hack the machine, vulnerability scanning is a bit loud on the firewall and or intrusion dectection system. You can use Nessus for this: 4) use Metaploit to link vulnerabilities with exploits. You can use Metaploit to perform the hack for you!! Hacking in a nutshell with all opensource tools!! Nice distro for you to use is Backtrack, it is only missing the nessus!!!! Good luck and do not forget the written permission. Greetz, Dutchie
  10. I'm using passware! But that is also based on the brute force method. I belief that the elcomsoft password recover package has the possibility of using a kind of rainbow-tables. I believe they call them "Thunder Tables". Greetz, Dutchie
  11. Dutchie


    Hi Guys, I do recommend you all to take the time to study the videos from Shon Harris. I have benefit from them very much!!!! Another good book, in my opinion, is the "CISSP for Dummies". It is a good summary of the All in One from SHON (the best book to prepare for CISSP). With the dummy book you can recall all the domains very quickly. I you guys may have other questions, do no hesitate to pose them here!! Greetz, Dutchie
  12. Dutchie

    CISA Exam

    Hi Kos, I would analyze the mail from ISACA which give you a detail score per domain. Concentrate on the domains you failed!! Do not worry about not having the newest questionairs, the basics in security will not change in one year. Good luck, Dutchie
  13. Hi Jay754, I passed this exam last week!! Greetz, Dutchie
  14. The practice questions from the CWNP are very good!! They are well answered so you can understand the way they want you to answer the questions on the exam. But you have to have the budget for it!!!
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