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    @vmwarevcixnv, Can you please share it in CC! thanks
  2. like I said initial try to reboot the VDC, if that doesn't work recreate the VDC!
  3. I go with this..! 3.4 Create and Implement Basic Service Profile Create a service profile temp called ccie-dc meeting the requirement below. - use only existing, non-default resource pool - Temp changes should be immediately applied to all bound service pro - No vHBAs are required - Create 2 vNICs each bounf to different existing VNIC temp - ensure this profile only associate with blades with no local hard drive - ensure the onbourd SD card is enable - create a boot policy called vmedia that will allow vMedia to be the primary and local SD card to be secondary - A secondary management IP is required to support wake on LAN.
  4. libran151083

    CCIE-DC lab3

    yes I did int po100 switchport trunk allowed vlan remove vlan 880
  5. libran151083

    CCIE-DC lab3

    Am assuming somewhere the configuration in storage is messed up.. not sure what is going on!
  6. libran151083

    CCIE-DC lab3

    Re-assigned all resource pools, as already assigned pool non default was enable to work for some reason.. & also the boot policy change to no disk.. after I did that it was able do! Tell me this dc2-mds1-->N5K1 Can you elaborate on config that you have seen which was default for VSAN100 UCS- "Troubeshoot Service Profile Template" did you created new vNIC Template/ used the existing template ..? UCS - did you change the default boot policy to no-disk policy
  7. It was Default to MTU 1500, where Mac-policy & and Network control Policy to "DEFAULT" already mapped to vNIC Template. 1500 vnic template -->> this vNic I associated with SPT later change MTU 9000 vNIC and associated with "Boot-dual-san" I Think I made a mistake not creating new vnic template for " Service Profile Troubleshoot"
  8. Lab Real scenario 1. vNic template are already created and failover already enable 2. I didn't see this Question in the lab "Create an updating vNIC template for each fabric. Allow corporate network VLANs only" & "LAN fabric failures should be transparent to the host OS". may someone can also justify this!
  9. libran151083

    CCIE-DC lab3

    in question Port Number for LDAP configuration
  10. libran151083

    CCIE-DC lab3

    MTU 1500 Serivce Profile Template MTU 9000 Serivce Profile
  11. libran151083

    CCIE-DC lab3

    only configured peer-gateway on both 7Ks
  12. libran151083

    CCIE-DC lab3

    I also failed lab 3.. Review Nexus 90 1.Peer-gateway 2.Spanning-tree vlan 1-4094 priority 4096, this is because n7k1- will be the root for vlan 80,90 as question says n7k3 should be the root for all vlans 3. netflow - no vrf management as ip address belong to vlan 30 subnet, vlan configured 30, just to see if this helps!! STORAGE :- 45 ( THIS IS REDCLIOUS ) SAN-PORT-CHANNEL 22,33,PORT-CHANNEL 22,33, VFC,FCIP,STORAGE vdc UP UP, LASTLY FCIP was also working I didn't allowed VSAN1 On of fcip link, as question didn't ask for, and also zoning was perfect i was able to do flogi UCS:- 67 - forget to change the port number 389 to 398 as question asked for! 1. created the SPT vmedia-sdcard - may be something was messed up- notsure 2. Able to boot from SAN, but ESXI failed to get IP ADDRESS from DHCP for console login(KVM), asked proctor why am not getting this, replayed Tshoot it!! 3. In fc-port-channel 100 only FC1/2 and MDS-1 FC1/2 was not coming up from both the side MDS<-->FIA, asked proctor replayed Thsoot, wasted my time in troubleshoot 2 hours N1KV- 100 1. In uplink port-profile "Channel-group auto mode on mac-pinning relative" missing added mtu 9000 added system vlan 30 as it was missing 2. port-profile default max-ports 16 3. port-profile default port-binding static 4. system Jambo mtu 9000
  13. adding to that question in other case destination is as per question then you don't have to use vrf management hth
  14. @ happlejuice, All you need to do was delete that VDC and recreate..
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