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  1. answers are pretty accurate, questions are 100% same with 591 lab, answers are 90% same anybody else checked this?
  2. i have, but do not have for the initial config, anyone has ?
  3. Feb


    check this out [Hidden Content]
  4. Passed with 93% score [Hidden Content]
  5. Feb


    JNCIP-DC JN0-680 it will be obsolete this month, taking with these answers with 93% score File : [Hidden Content] Enjoy
  6. Hello, Does anyone has initial config for Juniper DC Materials (DCX, ADCX, and TDCX) appreciate for the help Thank you
  7. those are covering 50% of total active lab, however previous lab are active also now Good Luck!
  8. Feb

    JNCIE-SP Preparation

    have you pass you lab exam?
  9. how about answer accuracy? Thank you
  10. JNCIE would like to chat with you on Skype. It’s free!
  11. add me please, i will have my exam tomorrow
  12. yes, all multicast features tested succesfully
  13. i am preparing as well, let me know if we can collaborate
  14. Thanks, any chance to provide thread link here?
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