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  1. haiz, looks like ur not understand, this is very simple Attacker always use random port to access to 1337, so when u filter tcp, who holding 1337 is victim such a simple, as same as http or others protocol This is very clear, host always use random port to access destination fixed port...u can try capture your network when you access any website, and you will get the same result
  2. xyber85

    Passed today

    Congratz and welcome to the club! but for exam taker on feb, there have some minor update in TS section, please alias with your exam vendor for the update
  3. Subject to the question, some candidate have added static route, and in question has mention not allow added any route but for mine younger bro, in the question has mention, you are able to add a single route, its very subjective.. for section 4), please refer to the bgp routing table, the secret of the H3 is always need to check on those table.
  4. xyber85

    Lab in Beijing

    I think will be the same as other exam hall, just the proctor might helpful or not... What i prefer is brussels and sydney lab proctor, much helpful and appreciate on their helpful attitude solving the issue twice!.
  5. u had faced the same fault point with me, congratz and enjoy ur number, welcome to the club!
  6. Congratz and welcome to the club!
  7. Had u refer to workbook? There is LP tuning to avoid that, check it out bro
  8. In my lab didnt have lo 123 Some candidate pass with do the lo123 pat.
  9. Less than that, maybe i have train ts1 foundamental very well, i solve it on 1 hour. And recheck again and reboot all device recheck in ts session use another 30 min only.
  10. 1 in Kangaroo, 1 in French Fries Origin
  11. Diagram never show in workbook solution H2 or H2+ is correct, if you see diagram 6 BGP as have display 65001 inclusive R50,R51,R52 makes me decide to change BGP AS to 65001 some candidate claim the diagram 6 is show R50,R51,R52 is 65006, then just remain workbook solutions.
  12. for sec 2.7 yes, that's my bro feedback to me
  13. TQ! When I received is the next day 1am.
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