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  1. thanks, will try, i assume any domain works, not only .com
  2. almost gone; 19 in USA, no Brussels , 2 in Hong Kong but in this week!; 11 in Beijing in January, 1 or 2 in Bangalore but this week !
  3. Brussels has open seats now. remember OLSM only shows up to 4 months in advanced. so today you can see open or taken seats upto Jan 15th 2020; tomorrow u will see Jan 16th, and so on
  4. martek


    depends on tyour previous take; you may get old Ts or new one
  5. [Hidden Content] Link Updated on Sept 15th and link valid for 14 days.
  6. yes, some parts of configurations are already there \. Be careful overriding those !
  7. file has been removed, can anyone re-upload , thanks C4C_RS_V5.torrent
  8. any recent changes to CCDE Written ?
  9. Is this group still active? if so, please add me
  10. martek

    Pass CCDE Written

    CCDE Written exam is similar to RS Written? 100 Qs, 2 hrs , Multiple-choice Qs? any true or false or drag-and-drop ?
  11. It did not work for me as well; it is Windows 10 thing , not vmware or eve
  12. Has Anyone check if cracked version sends anything back to China? Or can we be hack while using Chinese Eve pro?
  13. new share for 30 days, link 1st page
  14. Diagrams may not match you config file, either mistake in diagram or config file. Use CDP
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