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  1. I am finishing up my MCSE next week when I take 70-294. I also have Network+ and A+. I'm looking for a Systems Administrator or Systems Analyst role. My question is what certification should I tackle next? I live in a major US market with a lot of enterprise companies that run Linux/UNIX, Citrix, Sharepoint, etc. Should I go the Linux+ or Citrix route? CCNA, even though that seems pretty difficult? Is Server+ pointless if I have an MCSE and might get the Linux+? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't feel like MCITP/EST is really necessary quite yet. I feel like ~90-95% is running Server 2003 or 2000 Server.
  2. Wish I could help TDogg but all of my promotion codes and vouchers expired on June 30, 2009. I can't even find any for the standard 20% off and I don't want to pay the full $125.
  3. Thanks jsm. I've talked to their support and they say that they have no record of any errors. Apparently the exam monitor didn't add any notes to my test like I had asked. It looks like I'm not going to get a retest which really bothers me. I'm going to avoid that testing location in the future.
  4. I unsolved the thread as the issue has sprung up again. I followed the advice of the thread and achieved my MCDST first and then upgraded it to MCITP/EST. I then went the MCSE/MCSA route and will take my last exam for the MCSE next week. I will pass on upgrading this to Windows Server 2008's MCITP/EA for now as it is not really necessary yet. What should I look at getting next? I recently relocated to a larger metro area with a lot of enterprise companies and many of the jobs seem to require some UNIX/Linux experience. Should I take a look at getting Server+ or Linux+? The CCNA track seems to be pretty difficult as I would have to learn Cisco IOS commands and I already have some experience with Linux/UNIX. What do enterprise companies look for after MCSE?
  5. I watched each of the CBT Nuggets sections on DNS twice and paid that much more attention while taking good notes. I used some network sim tools and also tested some of the theories with VMWare.
  6. I passed 70-298 today with a score of 895/1000. There were 5 case studies for 34 questions total. I really didn't study all that much for this. I used mostly my work esperience with Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, SUS, and WSUS. I also had another error on a drag and drop question. The software's lack of reliability is frustrating.
  7. JSM, That sounds exactly like my problem. I took mine in Phoenix. I haven't spoken to Prometric yet about the issue but was planning on calling this afternoon after I take 70-298. What exam gave you the trouble? Mine was 70-294. Let me know how your phone call goes.
  8. I had some errors today too on my 70-294 exam. I was just sitting there reading one of the questions, not even touching the keyboard or mouse, and it said "Terminating..." and closed out of my test. I had to go back and put another 2 answers in. About 30 minutes later I was sitting there and I got the blue screen of death and it rebooted. When it loaded back up 10 or so minutes later, I was another 6, 8, maybe 10 questions back in the exam. Then when I was doing some drag and drop questions, some of the boxes went blank and others had their text garbled or switched from where it was originally displayed. Further still, when some of the boxes were dropped into their (hopefully) correct slots, it would still appear in the bank of answers as if it my attempt hadn't worked. Even when I brought the the test center aide over and he restarted the computer that error remained. Needless to say, I did not pass. I would think a large part was based on not getting any of the drag and drops right. I plan on calling Prometric tomorrow I know it's probably Prometric's software causing the problems, but I do find it kinda funny that it was running on Vista, Microsoft's problem child.
  9. I passed 70-293 yesterday with a score of 795/1000. I really didn't have much time to study as I found that MCPBACK promotion code that gives you tests for $25 but expires on the 30th. I had a matter of under 2 days to prepare for it and stilll passed so you can't ask for much more. I used CBT Nuggets almost exclusively to study for this. I did not use braindumps. I am taking 70-294 today and 70-298 tomorrow to try to wrap up my MCSE. I anticipate failing at least one because I have virtually no time to prepare. 3 tests, 3 days, $75.
  10. Thanks. I was kind of confused where 70-649 came into play.
  11. I finally retook 70-291 today and passed with a score of 763/1000. That's a 99 point improvement from my first attempt. I did terrible on the DNS portion the first time so I really focused on studying that portion. Comparing the Needs Development/Strong bar between the 2 tests confirm that it was a significant improvement. I improved in each of the other 4 categories as well. I've been tempted to go with brain dumps to just power through these certifications but I feel like I'd be cheating myself by not actually knowing the material. That's not a knock on those of you that do use them, as I completely understand that it's all about padding your resume to get your foot in the door, it's just a personal preference. No, I may no have perfect or near-perfect scores, but I feel like I have a strong grasp of the concepts and am not afraid to run to Google if I run into any problems in the workplace. I also took 70-290 in the meantime, which is much easier, so I now have my MCSA! Thanks everyone for your support.
  12. I passed 70-291 today with a score of 763/1000. Hey, it's not easy. There were 48 questions with only 1 simulation. I had previously failed it. Whoops. So I focused on improving my DNS, which I did particularly miserable on last time. I used CBT Nuggets and a Sybex study guide. I did not use any braindumps so can't vouch for the validity of them.
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