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  1. isnt the training is free on AWS site
  2. Hey, can you share and help us out. thanks in advance
  3. Uncle, if it is the ISC2 one--look at their damn website. You will not pass given your stupidity.
  4. manas1978

    CISSP: Passed

    Suggestions for people just looking for shortcuts, looking for list of materials and hoarding them: -Know your strengths and the type of study resource that works for you (video, book, questions etc) - Be honest to yourself and ask yourself a few questions (why cissp, do you have some experience, etc) - Depending on your comfort level, pay for the exam fees and take a date. - Take one book and read throughout and make notes (eric contrad/sybex study guide whatever) -with each chapter practice a lost of questions (cccure or sybex or shon harris), the more questions the better -exam dumps wont do you any good. -Appear for the exam on the date and dont postpone--worst case you fail and that would give you a summary of areas you need to focus more. PS: if you get all your materials for free, there is a high chance that you wont give a hoot and not even touch them (that is true for atleast 90% of the people here). Buy a book and be invested! Good luck
  5. I think if you buy the sybex study guide and register online, you get the same chapter tests and full length tests in this book as complimentary.
  6. manas1978

    Passed CISSP!

    lol...this site isnt just to share your experience. if it is, the should be shut down. It is upto an individual how honest/ethical he wants to be.
  7. manas1978

    Passed CISSP!

    what is this businessman doing here.
  8. manas1978


    You posted this under wrong vendor.
  9. Best bet is to regtiater and get 10%, $10 is for the referrer unfortunately
  10. You could probably buy the acloud.guru entire aws associate bundle (3 certs) for 29$ on stacksocial. another 10% for signing up. I can send a referral link for 10$ off as well (not sure).
  11. or got direct to the course and enroll....i see that it is free...[Hidden Content]
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