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  1. As per subject, CCDE 3.0 will go live on Nov 2, 2021. [Hidden Content] For those who're still preparing v2.1, think should consider to move to 3.0 since the lab availability and exam schedule.
  2. Anyone attempted the written based on this dump? please share the feedback.
  3. Is there anyone can give the feedback about the material quality (in term of the technical lab challenge/difficult) about this workbook? It seem like the price has increased, it's selling as $450 now.
  4. TS didn't mentioned it's a "free" voucher. Probably it's some discount voucher that allow you to take the Written/Lab with a lower cost than the standard price. But it's still worth deal if you planning to take any exam soon.
  5. Hi All, Updated: Managed to resolved the issue by increasing the RAM from 128MB to 256MB for the instance. Thanks
  6. No doubt the material developed by Ipexpert is superb when i was prepared when the Cisco certificate was still referred as "CCIE Voice", especially the lab content by Vik & Mark. Some of the key concept like Cd party Xform are still valid as for today but the material just a bit out of date. There are more technologies introduced lately like ILS, SIP trunk and especially video portion (since video call are included in the exam). You can go for the VOD by INE from the download section or Collab Lab if you are affordable.
  7. Hi any reason why you want to re-schedule?
  8. I search on the CCDE community and found the following: [Hidden Content]
  9. Hi all, I'm currently reading on the "Optimal Routing Design - by Russ White". One on the point in the books mentioned: I'm confuse on this part, shouldn't the Inter referred to between the two layer/zone or cluster, and Intra referred as within? Even by the English word itself, inter is referred to "between" something. Anyone can help on this?
  10. Another important item i believe is the topology. I'm not very sure if anyone has seen the EI topology or leak somewhere since the lab opened.
  11. That's pretty insane speed of reading. Assuming the "few days" you mentioned for you is 5-6 days, and the book is about 500 pages, so you have a speed of reading nearly 100 pages a day.
  12. Hi LearningSeeker and Isshsingh, I managed to download the from the URL and thanks to both of you. Btw, i just want to side check with you if you have finish reading the whole book, how long did you take (how many hours) to finish reading this book? I'm just started to reading the "Optimal Routing Design" from Russ White, but it seem my reading process is slow. Thanks
  13. Hi, Has anyone got the book "The art of the network architecture - Business Driven Design" which can be share? Thanks
  14. Okay, good to know that. If you want to form a study group you may include me as well. I'm trying to search for the V2 workbook for the speed & technology practicing while trying to understand any new feature that might introduce with the version 12.X
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