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  1. They'e still on v9. Not 10.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I downloaded the latest winrar (rar) from google play and it downloaded and extracted to my phone with no issues after I entered the password.
  3. Can someone reupload. I tried both links and they both say that it is corrupted or damaged.
  4. Hi Tricon7. I used examtopics for other exams and they were about 85 - 90% accurate. Thanks for the advice on the 200-601. Do you know if they'll upgrade you to the latest CCNA after passing this exam seeing that it's about to expire in Feb? I'm asking for someone who's ccna expired many years ago.
  5. Upload is corrupt. Archive damaged error shows when extracting
  6. If anyone is confused after clicking the link, just click on the book title (ITIL Foundation 4 edition) and then click on GET.
  7. Try the Security Shares section
  8. Hi guys, Was searching for the Infrastructure lab guide and found a site with both the Infrastructure and Security LAB Guides and study guides. [hide][Hidden Content]] Grab it while its still available.Also if anyone has the VM file for the 6.0 or 6.2 please share it here. Cheers
  9. The official materials for the 5.6 and 6.0 are available in the shares section.
  10. For anyone wondering, this is the actual lab guide for the nse4 version 6! (Yaaaaay)
  11. Hi. The materials for the NSE4 6.0 are available in the shares section. NSE4 isn't free like NSE1 and 2. The candidate code is usually given to you by Fortinet when you purchase official training or the exam voucher at the fortinet.com site.
  12. I read online that someone wanted to have access to their slides (which they purchased) on a Linux machine so they opened the slides in a Windows VM, made screenshots of all the slides and saved it to a ppt file which they were then able to use on their Linux mahine without passwords.
  13. It's still on the site. Still free too. [Hidden Content]
  14. CEH is a better place to start if you're a beginner. However the OSCP does come with very good videos, manuals and labs once you are willing to put the extra work in. OSCP is much more intense than CEH.
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