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  1. ExodusEvil

    VMCE - Veeam

    Hey guys, Someone have the official material? Also a braindump? Our friend here shared a DOCX but I don't know if is valid or not: [Hidden Content]
  2. Thanks for share @philz03 Can someone confirm if is valid for the VMCE exvam Version 8 ?
  3. Here we go, [Hidden Content]
  4. But it is a PDF version...
  5. How you guys are thinking in organize all information? Should be cool if someone could create a Dropbox/OnreDrive/GoogleDrive/"Wherever..." and we put all information there to share.
  6. Uploaded links = Dead Rapidgator = Part 3 dead Anyway, great job!
  7. Hello folks, I need some (valid) Dump for VCPD510. Until I know, looks like still possible to take the VCP510-DT exam, but I want to take the new one. regards
  8. Well, My opnion is: if you want to take the certification should be better go to version 5 (more materials available). If you want to fullfil your jobs, should be better to take the new one (execpt if you manage or support a "old" enviroment). regards.
  9. Did you find something?
  10. No more, All Citrix courseware are in HTML5 format, no books or PDFs. Waiting for a tool that can transform HTML5 into a PDF file!
  11. Sorry @the rocket, I have winrar and used it to extract. The file is corrupted. *UPDATE: I don't know why, but I installed a new winrar version and is working now. For people with same issue, try to update winrar and extract again. Thank you @the rocket!
  12. No luck, it's corrupted. Can someone UP again? regards,
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