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  1. How about config part H1 & H1 plus ?
  2. yap i realized that so far no body got H2 at least for the past 6 months. thinking of skipping H2 and H2 plus.not sure its a good decision or not.
  3. Thanks for sharing the feedback, it valuable for us. the cracked C4C is sufficient to pass ?
  4. agree this is exactly what i think...hope we can remove all these ppl pretend to be exam taker but actually selling labs.
  5. some people are just trying too hard to sell/promote something for their own benefit. bloody scammers
  6. Yeah that will be great or else no sufficient time to study so many mock labs
  7. please pm me the details, would like to join the group, taking the lab in few months time
  8. Can we use this c4c to pass or need tu purchase from them. Someone mentioned that its identical with what he had purchased from c4c directly.can someone confirm
  9. some members shared they just passed, using 100Q( 98q and the two.ntp and eigrp )not sure when they will change the question.hurry up.
  10. 2 days back was valid...thanks to the members who shared the dump files.
  11. very good documentation/notes.thanks for sharing
  12. there is scam going on here, the sellers are the one commentating all the time and worry if some one share and they wont be able to sell it anymore.i wont be surprise if these ppl are the one saying "its not valid anymore".
  13. hi any one have those latest updated question? seems no one have it
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