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  1. hi all you can contect me at <e-mail id removed> or <e-mail id removed>
  2. hbk1068

    ccie r&s

    HI, anyone who passed lab in october ? and going for lab in september ?
  3. hbk1068


    hi every one i have confirmed to someone who is staff of cisco ,there are only two labs in cisco pools now its k1 and k2 there is no other lab right now in cisco pool ,so dont wast your time for k3 k4 k5 ,.... there are only updates of k1 and k2 or cert 1.1 ,2.1 , and make your solution by yourself because these venders have only 60 % coreect .
  4. Hi i am in Riyadh i have all updated dumps ,any one who is in Riyadh can contact and get files and will be group study as well .
  5. hi i am in riyadh and i am going for lab at 2 november and i hav some good meterial too ,pm me and give me your address or phone no .
  6. hi all yes there is new lab introduce by cciecert that is 3.1 .
  7. hi every one ,can anyone please tell me if i take my lab date tomorrow on 15 august and my written is expires at 5 of august then still my lab is valid or not .please suggest .....
  8. hi only one man passed ccie lab in v4 his no is 26390 , nobody except his passed lab in v4.
  9. hbk1068


    hi ,any one needs updated CCIE R&S labs at 12 june contect me at emails not allowed
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