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  1. goldplated

    k8 eem

    i am sure they are NOT looking for some complicated EEM script in the lab exam at all. This should be enough in my opinion. event manager applet BOUNCEGIG event syslog pattern ".*SYS-5-RESTART.*" action 1.0 cli command "enable" action 2.0 cli command "conf t" action 3.0 cli command "int f0/0" action 3.1 cli command "shut" action 4.0 cli command "int f0/0" action 4.1 cli command "no shut" action 5.0 cli command "int f0/1" action 5.1 cli command "shut" action 6.0 cli command "int fa0/1" action 6.1 cli command "no shut" you could also maybe add "logging console" and "logging buffered" just in case they happen to look at the logs on the device but I suspect the show command that shows if the event was successful is enough. my .02 cents. I think people are over complicating things.
  2. if your lab date is less than 45 days away its $500 to reschedule (or else $1500 when you don't show up).. if your lab is more than 45 days the fee is $350 to reschedule just like I said in the previous post... login to the portal and you can reschedule it there (assuming you have another spot to move it to)... best of luck.
  3. if its less than 45 days then the cost is $500 USD to reschedule.. if more than 45 the cost is $350... i have some friends that have rescheduled and that was the cost.. you can do it online or call them and do it over the phone.
  4. As somebody already stated I would just be very mindful of time spent on the TS tickets and if you cant figure out a ticket in ~5 minutes make a note about what you see or find and then move on... Once you are done with everything else come back to the tickets you skipped and refer to your notes so you get an idea of where you left off... Best of luck.. I also agree that Daisky should shut down the trunk interfaces and you will see this is actually normal behavior on switches.... :-)
  5. Just as it says.. if its has been more than 12 months since you took the lab then YES you need to re-take the written exam...
  6. Thanks for the offer however.. I am not sure I would put too much confidence in a book published in 2002... Way too much has changed since then.. I also found this on the number of Identity Thefts a year.. "Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States today. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year."
  7. goldplated

    BB AS number

    As stated above by Tunante you can simply create a BGP neighbor and pick any AS number. The bgp process will start complaining that your in the wrong AS and provide you with the actual AS number in HEX.. take the HEX value and convert to decimal and you now know the AS number of the BB... I also agree just pinging the broadcast would be the easiest way to get the IP of the BB router if unknown...
  8. I dont see the ACL allowing both of these I only see .17... maybe a copy paste error??? >>>>> ???? Ensure that admin group only allow users access from YY.YY.56.0/24 • Ensure that admin group only allow users access from YY.YY.17.0/24
  9. I think for this portion they are simply looking at the configuration and not actually polling it via SNMP or Netflow for that matter... I dont think it has anything to do with actual reachability... My .02 cents
  10. You can use find and replace for spelling mistakes in notepad... and you could also just shorten neighbor to be "nei" to avoid that also... Just a suggestion. Better luck next time.
  11. goldplated

    Passed TS5/K6

    you can also hold the ALT key and it puts it into block mode...
  12. I think it depends on the situation... however me personally.. I would most likely use passive-interface default and just no passive the ones i expect and need to form adjacencies on... my .02 cents...
  13. congrats on your pass...
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