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  1. For those who are looking for the 16.3.2 images.... please download the collection shared above by root0. Open the "OLD" folder. Then open the "16.3.2" folder. You will find OVA files of the SD WAN components. Use the following linux commands to convert OVA to QCOW2 files that you can use in EVE-NG : tar -tf [FILE].ova Allows you to list the files of the OVA tar -xvf E].ova Allows you to extract the files contained in the OVA qemu-img convert -O qcow2 [SOURCE FILE].vmdk [DESTINATION FILE].qcow2 Allows you to convert your vmdk into a qcow2 file
  2. I think Kevin Wallas talked about that... If I remember correctly it's recommended not too.... You might forget to set it back to the initial values and lose points for that reason... You might wanna ask the proctor before the exam... and also check the lab instructions.... I cant remember exactly, but I wouldnt do it if I were you.
  3. Hi guys, I am trying to set up juniper vMX vmxvcp-17.2R1.13-domestic-VCP and VFP in EVE-NG (community)... I manage to start the nodes but I only get a cursor in the CLI... (forever)... I have 2G in the VCP and 4G in the VFP ... nothing special.... Am I missing anything ? PS: Junos Olive works perfectly...
  4. As an engineer and a scientific mind, I like to keep it FACTUAL.... Someone said CCIE is at the peak now.... Well I went to GOOGLE TREND , typed in CISCO CCIE , and ran a worldwide search from 2004 to now.... The result is a somehow DICREASING graph (february 2004 -> 100 to november 2018 -> 13) Then I went to INDEED.COM and ran a few researches in the USA :
  5. To be honest, these videos are not really usefull to prepare for CCDE.... They cover some basics of network design.... barely 10% of what's in the CCDA certification guide....
  6. ahahahah ! I totally agree :biggrin:
  7. Someone pointed to me that the CAPTCHA in the registration page doesnt work....
  8. Aci Simulator requires a token/license , right ?
  9. da23ad

    CCDE Study Grp

    For new group : Send a PM
  10. Why dont you guys just share the skype group URL ?
  11. You dont seem to understand the question.... Basically they are telling you which switch should be the active one.
  12. configure DMVPN first , then OSPF.... also make sure that the eBGP peering between ISP router and R17 is up.
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