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  1. maxris

    CWDP - Question

    Need your assistance with the questions below: 1. You have connected an 8 port gigabit switch to four 802.11ac APs, each with 3x3:3 capabilities. You expect as many as 3 3x3:3 clients to connect to any of the APs at any given time. You also expect to have 5-7 2x2:2 clients and 5 or fewer single-stream clients connected to each AP at any given time. What minimum speed should the 8 port switch use for the uplink to the rest of the network to ensure sufficient throughput for current expectations? A. 1000 Mbps B. 10 Gbps C. 100 Mbps D. 20 Gbps 2. It has been determined that the highest data rate available in 802.11n (HT PHY) devices must be available. What modulation is required in this scenario? A. 256 QAM B. BPSK C. QPSK D. 64 QAM E. 16 QAM (I think it should be D) Thank you.
  2. I pass CSWP a few weeks ago. Working on CWDP now ....
  3. I am studying right now for CWSP and planning to take the exam by the end of Feb. Next exam will be CWAP.
  4. I think, the correct answer should be Utilization. (I just troubleshoot some issue with CCI and high channel utilization "above 50%") Not all the time we have correct answers in the dumps.
  5. maxris


    I pass CWNA exam a few days ago. All questions came from marks4sure.com 90Q dumps. CWNP Has a promotion for all their bundles: To help celebrate, we're giving you 50% off all CWNP Bundles and Kits (excluding CWS and CWT) until midnight EST December 29th. Use Code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS (expires December 29th at Midnight EST)
  6. 50% off all CWNP Bundles and Kits (excluding CWS and CWT) until midnight EST December 29th. Use Code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS (expires December 29th at Midnight EST)
  7. maxris


    It works for me as well. [Hidden Content]
  8. maxris


    I unable to download Demo questions from [Hidden Content] and not from [Hidden Content]. It looks like that CWNA-107 version is not available yet. Thank you.
  9. That mean that we have for the first attempt LAB 2 and second attempt LAB 3 ?
  10. May you know what lab comes most of the time on first attempt in SJ?
  11. I am interesting to know as well.
  12. Here is the information from Cisco: [Hidden Content] BEFORE YOU BEGIN Before beginning this procedure, you must know or do the following: •You are logged in to the CLI in EXEC mode. •This procedure requires you to disable the control and packet VLANs. You cannot change to Layer 3 Control before disabling the control and packet VLANs. •You have already configured the Layer 3 interface (mgmt 0 or control 0) and assigned an IP address. For information about configuring an interface, see the Cisco Nexus 1000V Interface Configuration Guide, Release 4.0(4)SV1(3).
  13. We have a new updated version from PL : CCIE Data Center Written Exam: 350-080 Exam Questions and Answers : 406 Q&As Updated: Nov 30, 2015
  14. Hi, Just found that on actual tests web site: Cisco 351-080 : CCIE Data Center Written Beta Exam 120 Questions & Answers Updated: Oct 31,15 Do you think is that valid for our 350-080 written test ? The AT has the same number of questions that CDL have. Thank you.
  15. Do you know if the new updated version from passleader has a new questions? Questions and Answers : 394 Q&As Updated: Nov 2, 2015
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