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  1. Thanks aloot.. its working just fine now
  2. Im facing problem in K5 with the fram relay i use virtual-templete to make it work, but the issue is when i reach IPv6 it doesnot work with virtual-templete interface so if any suggesting i will be greatful
  3. hi iam trying to solve the frame relay in K5, as it ask for i unnumbered from loopback 0 i did one thing , by creating virtual-link and it worked fine but when i reached IPv6 part of the Q i faced a problem that IPv6 doesnot work with ppp virtual-templete command any ideas, i will be grateful
  4. is it a good lab to try or only confuse my self
  5. thnx for the fast responce,,,, anyhow i will try it and i will tell u if it make anysence or not thanks alot
  6. creating tunnel in vrf .. how! how it will be propagate throw the MP-BGP
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