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  1. I am very sure that if you share it here the workbook, there will be a lot of guys who will help you!
  2. I can get a clean pdf from a protected PDC, if it can be opened on a local pc
  3. w34\120.pdf = 0 bytes All the links died.
  4. There is a lot of work. And this course it is full of text and not videos. If someone will make a script so it will simply extract html pages then convert into pdf, then it will be piece of cake:) And for the courses that are having videos it is time consuming without a script.
  5. This is in human DNA. They want something they can't afford it. Everyone wants something that it's not free even if something free will help you in the same way or even better.And not to say that most of us we will update our library with content that it is hard to get it.
  6. You are very wrong. With zippyshare you have full speed. Only if you are on dialup then i understand that your speed it's slow. Minimum bandwidth it's 6.68MB/s ? PS : the screenshot it's from IDM downloader. And it's downloading from zippyshare host.
  7. What you say it's impossible. Because i have tried with all the free vpn and all of them are working. I even used tor. Maybe you are doing something wrong. Anyway, i wish you a good day and best of luck!
  8. When you have something free, why not bother to work for it to get it ? It's not hard to install a free vpn or trial vpn and then get the content . I think that in this days most of peoples want everything free but they don't want to work a little bit for getting it. Not to say that most of them they are calling super guru in networking or super mega hackers.
  9. I saw that it's only VM . No videos. Maybe if you run that VM, you will find videos.
  10. The link it is dead for you . But the link it is still working. Maybe you have some limitations by your ISP
  11. Take it while it is hot ! [Hidden Content]
  12. This is temporary. Until the covid 19 will dissapear. And you can't cheat it :)))))) They use software that follow your head movments. So if you want to pass, then you need to learn :)))) Which it's ok for me and probably for others. But some guys are trying to get certifications by cheating and when they go to an interview, they don't know what to answer the questions that they are get.
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