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  1. The going rate is $50,000 US but does not include on-site $150.00 per hour.
  2. certgod

    DCIT- 300-180

    Anyone have vce or vce designer
  3. certgod


    Took it - Only 6 of 60Q.
  4. I'm a SAN Architect and I don't feel challenged by the job market and I feel quite comfortable with the status quo.
  5. certgod

    Buying a 9216i

    Really what changed between the 9216i and the 9222i for core functions? 2 1GE versus 4 1Ge and higher capacity FC ports - aren't most features the same?
  6. It'll get dumped just like the written and why not
  7. I have one job that pays $145k Cisco/Other Vendors DC and Switching I just got one more paying $128k contract Cisco SAN I have another I'm debating taking for $150k contract Cisco SAN. I have another that just pays 93k + 12k bonus Cisco ASA. I just got the last 3 jobs in the past 3 weeks or so since I decided to take on as many jobs as will hire me and I can do the work. Each of these is a remote job so I work from anywhere whenever I want to. I do not have a degree. I am certified. My advice is get certified and do the same thing as I did in 3-5 years from now.
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