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  1. Google Associate Cloud Engineer vce is possible? I cannot find with more than 50 questions anywhere
  2. thank you for this post, do we have jabber version 11.9? edit: sorry i didn't see last post regards
  3. whitch one of the dumps was valid?
  4. Hi, I need these two files Odyssey Access Client 32 Bit FIPS Edition build 5.60.25199 MD5 SHA1 5.6R10.0 msi 22,122,496 23 Apr 2014 Odyssey Access Client 64 Bit FIPS Edition build 5.60.25199 MD5 SHA1 5.6R10.0 msi 25,387,520 23 Apr 2014 Can someone get them? thank you
  5. the videos are very cheap, just buy the year subscription
  6. read his post, he did regular TS5
  7. Since there is not any reliable source and no confirmation this thread should be closed, how many people got mpls in the last 3 months? if its just 1 its not an important issue
  8. PPP multilink what is the explanation for this subnet mask?
  9. You have to put the policy map inside the frs enable fr traffic shapping and put the map-class inside frame-relay interface-dlci 253 kind regards
  10. I wonder where in K7+ the question it asks to redistribute RIP into OSPF, it doesn't and the exam doesn't say that at the end of this point you will have full reachability In K7 it asks for it but why to it on K7+?
  11. because you can't advertise anything but the new loopbacks traceroute will just work sourcing with them. kind regards
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