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  1. isn't this a very old videos (2013)? is it still applicable?
  2. Anyone preparing for CCIE or did CCIE can help here.
  3. Hello All, I want to configure Cisco Router with IPSec Client VPN. I want to use Pool of IP Addresses that is in the range of the Internal Interface. I want to configure Static NAT that anyone from public can access the user computer when it is connected to IPSec VPN Client. Explanation: I have a Cisco router with two interfaces (fa0/0:, fa0/1: The servers in the network has a different gateway ( I want to configure computer with Linux O.S. with VPN Client using IPSec - not SSL. After this computer is connected, it will be assigned with an IP Address from the Pool (, which is the same range for the Inside network. Because I can't add routes to the Servers, I thought to use the same subnet for the Pool, if there is other solution to overcome this, it would be great. At the same time, I would like to have a static NAT that anyone from internet can access the computer after it is connected to VPN Client. >>>>; for example. How can I configure this?
  4. Hello, Who has the training videos below, can you share them? JunOS Prep Series - Part 1 :: Network Foundations Review JunOS Prep Series - Part 2 :: Configuration, Maintenance & Troubleshooting JunOS Prep Series - Part 3 :: Routing Essentials JNCIA: Junos JN0-102 Technology Course JNCIA: Introduction To The Junos Operating System Introduction To JunOS Understanding OSPF With JUNOS JNCIE-SEC Advanced Technology Course: JPR-932 Thanks in advance
  5. Sorry I wasn't clear, I meant that the Student Guides you shared which in PDF format, do you have them in PowerPoint format, that's all And if you have for Cisco IronPort, ISE, and FirePower, it would be great. Again. Thank you for your great share, you rock
  6. @mahmoudmoosa Do you have the SG in PowerPoint format? And many thanks for your share.....
  7. hi now it is version 12 and soon v13 will be there v10 is end of life already.
  8. I passed the exam using the screen shots and 275 dump - All questions came from both of them. Thank you all and thank you taiyeodenike
  9. ASM: download BIG-IP Virtual image, then license it with a demo license which has LTM and ASM, get it and then license your VM F5 and start working on ASM
  10. For the Exam, there are 101 and 105 videos on PaloAlto website, just listen to them and read what is written carefully, and you will pass. But you need to have some grounds, like understanding routing, administrative distance, NAT concept, etc (Just Basics).
  11. 1. How can a Palo Alto Networks firewall be configured to send syslog messages in a format compatible with nonstandard syslog servers? A. Enable support for non-standard syslog messages under device management. B. Select a non-standard syslog server profile. C. Create a custom log format under the syslog server profile. D. Check the custom-format checkbox in the syslog server profile. Answe: C
  12. Thank whatareyou, it is working now, it is downloading.
  13. Thank you for reply whatareyou. I have Sync version 2.0.105, and using the key: BYH.......BN6, The application is always started and I see a lot of Peers uploading from me.
  14. sorry the link is not available any more, anyone downloaded the files to share them for others.
  15. ccieyagi, can you open it and take snapshots and share them here?
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