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  7. Linux CBT_WebScan_Edition Course Objective Intro to Web Server Scanning with Nikto - Module XV Introduction - Nikto - Features Discuss Nikto Features Pinpoint useful online resources Identify key systems in topology Explore possible scan targets Nikto Installation Download Nikto Web Scanner Perform Installation Explore run-time environment Discuss Plugins - Signatures - DBs Peruse configuration entries Mention key CLI options Staging Scan Identify Staging targets Scan Staging to ascertain server metadata Perform comprehensive scans of targets Watch web logs while scans are ongoing Alter display of Web Scan Requests and Responses Rule-out false-positives Adjust security posture where applicable Re-scan and compare and contrast Production Scan Identify PROD web instance Discern useful metadata with reconnaissance Drill deeper to determine more relevant attributes Attempt to identify vulnerabilities on target Peruse findings accordingly Suggest methods of filtering false-positives Reporting | Logging Compare STDOUT to Report Data Discuss Logging | Reporting options and formats Enable Reports on various scans Vary target reports for Cron mode Tweak scans and redirect output accordingly SSL Scans Discuss applicabilitiy Identify key options Enable SSL scanning on targets Compare Staging and Production output Examine supported ciphers on targets Search for cipher weaknesses Evaluate results Proxy Server Relay Scans Discus pros and cons of Proxy Usage Identify Squid Proxy Facility Update Nikto configuration to support Proxy Usage Perform Proxy Scans from multiple Web Scanners Evaluate Proxy Requests | Responses in Real-Time Compar and Contrast performance differentials Evaluate results Nikto Scan Tuning Discuss features and benefits Identify key Tuning Options Filter scans to focus on targeted Plugins Initiate multiple Tuned Scans Evaluate Results LCBT_WebScan_000_INGRESS.mov 113.78 KB LCBT_WebScan_001_Welcome_Message.mov 16.85 MB LCBT_WebScan_002_Nikto_Features.mov 47.93 MB LCBT_WebScan_003_Installation_Perusal.mov 75.03 MB LCBT_WebScan_004_Staging_Scan.mov 86.68 MB LCBT_WebScan_005_Production_Scan.mov 77.08 MB LCBT_WebScan_006_Reporting_Logging.mov 109.47 MB LCBT_WebScan_007_SSL_Scans.mov 76.28 MB LCBT_WebScan_008_Proxy_Requests.mov 113.98 MB LCBT_WebScan_009_Tuning_Options.mov 135.16 MB LCBT_WebScan_099_EGRESS.mov 111.53 KB webscan.nfo 1.86 KB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Linux CBT_Proxy Edition Proxy Security - Module II Squid Proxy Initialization Discuss Squid concepts & applications Discuss DNS application Configure DNS on primary SuSE Linux server for the Squid Proxy environment Confirm DNS environment Start Squid and evaluate default configuration Install Squid Proxy server General Proxy Usage Configure web browser to utilize proxy services Grant permissions to permit local hosts to utilize proxy services Discuss ideal file system layout - partitioning Explore key configuration files Use client to test the performance of proxy services Discuss HIT/MISS logic for serving content Configure proxy support for text-based (lftp/wget/lynx) HTTP clients Squid Proxy Logs Discuss Squid Proxy logging mechanism Identify key log files Discuss & explore the Access log to identify HITS and/or MISSES Discuss & explore the Store log to identify cached content Convert Squid logs to the Common Log Format (CLF) for easy processing Discuss key CLF fields Configure Webalizer to process Squid-CLF logs Revert to Squid Native logs Discuss key Native log fields Configure Webalizer to process Squid Native logs Squid Network Configuration & System Stats Discuss cachemgr.cgi Common Gateway Interface(CGI) script Explore the available metrics provided by cachemgr.cgi Change default Squid Proxy port Modify text/graphical clients and test communications Discuss Safe Ports - usage & applications Squid Access Control Lists (ACLs) Intro to Access Control Lists (ACLs) - syntax Define & test multiple HTTP-based ACLs Define & test ACL lists - to support multiple hosts/subnets Define & test time-based ACLs Nest ACLs to tighten security Implement destination domain based ACLs Exempt destination domains from being cached to ensure content freshness Define & test Anded ACLs Discuss the benefits of Regular Expressions (Regexes) Implement Regular Expressions ACLs to match URL patterns Exempt hosts/subnets from being cached or using the Squid cache Force cache usage Configure enterprise-class Cisco PIX firewall to deny outbound traffic Configure DNS round-robin with multiple Squid Proxy caches for load-balancing Discuss delay pool concepts & applications - bandwidth management Configure delay pools - to support rate-limiting Examine results of various delay pool classes Enforce maximum connections to deter Denial of Service (DoS) attacks Verify maximum connections comply with security policy Squid Proxy Hierarchies Discuss Squid cache hierarchy concepts & applications Ensure communications through a primary cache server - double-auditing Discuss and configure parent-child bypass based on ACLs Configure Intranet ACLs for peer-cache bypass Discuss & implement Squid cache hierarchy siblings Configure transparent proxy services Squid on Windows Download & Install Manipulate configuration Test connectivity from multiple platforms Evaluate results Reverse Proxy Install Squid3 Configure forward proxy access for local subnet Test connectivity Discuss reverse proxy features Configure reverse proxy Evaluate results LCBT_ProxySec_000_INGRESS.mov 113.5 KB LCBT_ProxySec_000_Welcome_Message.mov 84.21 MB LCBT_ProxySec_001_DNS.mov 13.24 MB LCBT_ProxySec_002_firstrun.mov 29.8 MB LCBT_ProxySec_003_Install.mov 19.91 MB LCBT_ProxySec_004_client.mov 22.27 MB LCBT_ProxySec_005_http_proxy.mov 17.42 MB LCBT_ProxySec_006_access_log.mov 28.6 MB LCBT_ProxySec_007_store_log.mov 29.51 MB LCBT_ProxySec_008_clf_webalizer.mov 21.99 MB LCBT_ProxySec_009_squid_native_webalizer.mov 27.63 MB LCBT_ProxySec_010_cachemgr_cgi.mov 20.39 MB LCBT_ProxySec_011_change_default_port.mov 15.84 MB LCBT_ProxySec_012_safe_ports.mov 26.9 MB LCBT_ProxySec_013_acls_intro.mov 20.36 MB LCBT_ProxySec_014_acls_http_access.mov 20.15 MB LCBT_ProxySec_015_acls_lists.mov 14.62 MB LCBT_ProxySec_016_acls_time.mov 20.54 MB LCBT_ProxySec_017_acls_dstdomain.mov 13.53 MB LCBT_ProxySec_018_acls_anded_rules.mov 19.76 MB LCBT_ProxySec_019_acls_anded_rules2.mov 22.76 MB LCBT_ProxySec_020_acls_url_regex1.mov 21.37 MB LCBT_ProxySec_021_acls_url_regex2.mov 19.86 MB LCBT_ProxySec_022_acls_no_cache1.mov 20.87 MB LCBT_ProxySec_023_acls_no_cache_execs.mov 24.68 MB LCBT_ProxySec_024_acls_force_proxy_cache_usage.mov 27.37 MB LCBT_ProxySec_025_acls_dns_round_robin.mov 23.85 MB LCBT_ProxySec_026_acls_delay_pool_class1.mov 20.78 MB LCBT_ProxySec_027_acls_delay_pool_execs_worker_bee.mov 18.78 MB LCBT_ProxySec_028_acls_delay_pool_class2.mov 21.29 MB LCBT_ProxySec_029_acls_delay_pool_class3.mov 14.66 MB LCBT_ProxySec_030_acls_delay_pool_time_based.mov 21.75 MB LCBT_ProxySec_031_cache_hierarchy_parent_child.mov 22.7 MB LCBT_ProxySec_032_cache_hierarchy_parent_child_byp.mov 17.87 MB LCBT_ProxySec_033_cache_hierarchy_siblings.mov 19.02 MB LCBT_ProxySec_034_acls_maxconns.mov 23.05 MB LCBT_ProxySec_035_transparent_proxy.mov 26.02 MB LCBT_ProxySec_036_Windows.mov 53.04 MB LCBT_ProxySec_037_Squid3_Install.mov 36.68 MB LCBT_ProxySec_038_Reverse_Proxy.mov 48.87 MB LCBT_ProxySec_099_EGRESS.mov 111.22 KB proxy.nfo 3.6 KB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Linux CBT_Key Files Edition Key-Files Security - Module XIII Introduction - Topology - Features Discuss areas of concern Expose available systems Prepare to study important files Boot Partition Identify /boot setup on various systems Enumerate key files regarding boot sequence Peruse various configuration files Present hypothetical areas of failure Contrast with Windows boot implementation INIT Environment Discuss traditional INIT implementation Identify important files across distributions Examine INIT.D and RC hierarchies Propose methods of ensuring integrity of environment Kernel Modules Environment Identify key directory hierarchy Discuss applicability Explore various modules related configuration files Enumerate loaded modules and correlate to FS taxonomy Correlate detected modules to loaded and available modules PROC File System Discuss usage and applicability Descend PROC hierarchy accordingly Identify PID tree and related descriptors Recover Kernel invocation method Expose supported Paritions, File Systems & Devices Dump CPU & Memory configuration Peruse other applicable PROC entries SBIN Executables Identify available SBIN containers Expose SETGID and SETUID SBIN entries Enumerate relevant client system binaries Locate important SBIN daemons | services Discuss storage management SBIN entries Find interface and network related SBIN entries System Control Configuration Explain applicability Identify user space process Enumerate default configuration directives Define common variables influencing system behavior Committ variables for persistence Discuss potential areas of concern with system configuration Evaluate results INETD | XINETD Configuration Explain super server usage Identify both INETD and XINETD on relevant systems Expose controlled services Disable superfluous super-server controlled services User Accounts Environment Discuss relevance of securing related files Explain default files Suggest areas of concern regarding compromised entries Tighten default security policy related to user accounts Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) Identify key files related to PAM AUTH Expose baseline configuration based on current definition Locate baseline PAM libraries and discuss strategies Compare and contrast environmental differences across accounts Hosts | Protocols | Services Explain relevance of these key files Discuss typical name resolution process Identify baseline confguration Affect changes to relevant files and evaluate Discuss typical malware impact on key files NSSWITCH Configuraton Explain importance and relevance Identify various implementations Make changes to name resolver configuration Evaluate results DNS Client Resolution Configuration Identify key files governing client resolution Perform queries with incorrect resolution Correct resolution accordingly Vary configuration and evaluate results User Profiles Environment Discuss applicable entries related to profiles Delineate between system-wide and user-wide configurations Examine relevant profile files for $SHELL and GUI environments Posit suggestions to tighten baseline Evaluate accordingly System Scheduler Environment Discuss importance of CRON Identify system and user-wide configuration files Propose methods of tightening configuration Evaluate resuls DNS Server Configuration Discuss importance of traffic direction services Identify key files across distributions Suggest areas to enhance security posture Intersperse corrupt DNS values and evaluate influence SYSLOG Configuration Discuss applicability Review baseline configuration Hypothesize possible data-leakage opportunities Propose methods of configuration augmentation LCBT_KeyFiles_000_INGRESS.mov 112.9 KB LCBT_KeyFiles_001_Welcome_Message.mov 37.64 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_002_Boot_Partition.mov 42.93 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_003_INIT_Environment.mov 51.64 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_004_Kernel_Modules.mov 51.04 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_005_PROC_File-System.mov 51.48 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_006_SBIN_Executables.mov 51.16 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_007_System_Control.mov 46.67 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_008_XINETD_Services.mov 50.12 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_009_User_Accounts.mov 40.89 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_010_PAM_Authentication.mov 49.25 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_011_Hosts-Protocols_Services.mov 46.03 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_012_NSSwitch_Resolution.mov 47.04 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_013_DNS-Client_Resolution.mov 37.73 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_014_User_Profiles.mov 47.29 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_015_CRON_Files.mov 48.88 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_016_DNS_Files.mov 48.19 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_017_SysLog_Files.mov 37.92 MB LCBT_KeyFiles_099_EGRESS.mov 110.59 KB keyfiles.nfo 3.68 KB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Linux CBT_Block-Replica Edition Intro to Block Replication | Clustering | DRBD Introduction - DRBD - Features Discuss features and benefits Discuss Disk Block Clustering Explore application to various applications Identify Target Hosts Explore topography Explore environment Cluster Initialization | Installation | General Usage Gather resources for usage in Cluster Discuss Cluster Resources in DRBD Install DRBD on target Hosts Provision Block Devices Update configuration accordingly Define Resources per Cluster Node Synchronize Blocks Allocate File System (FS) Resources Confirm Disk IO within Cluster Evaluate accordingly Discuss common implementation Cluster IO Highlight important IO concepts Confirm Node Status Attempt various mounts Evaluate responses from various Cluster Nodes Provision additional Cluster Resource Weave additional resource into environment Confirm current Cluster status Evaluate results DRBD Cluster Utilities Discuss use cases Identify key Cluster client tools Enumerate important details via tools Discuss important client options Evaluate current Cluster configuration Discuss possible applications Manual Cluster Failover Express usage features and concerns Highlight automated alternatives Create failover scenarios Failover Cluster as needed and evaluate Confirm data synchronization status Continue with failover exercises Evaluate outcomes concerning failovers Synchronization Throttling Discuss defaults and applicable benefits Down Secondary as needed Create out-of-synch scenario Examine default synch timeline Tweak configuration-based synchronization bandwidth Alter Cluster configuration and examine synchronization updates Contrast with defaults Enable temporary synchronization configuration Generate out-of-synch scenario Force synch of Cluster Nodes Evaluate results LCBT_Block-Replica_000_INGRESS.mov 113.74 KB LCBT_Block-Replica_001_Welcome_Message.mov 15.09 MB LCBT_Block-Replica_002_DRBD_Features.mov 63.4 MB LCBT_Block-Replica_003_Cluster_Initialization.mov 85.82 MB LCBT_Block-Replica_004_Cluster_Basics.mov 78.66 MB LCBT_Block-Replica_005_Cluster_Information.mov 58.26 MB LCBT_Block-Replica_006_Manual_Failover.mov 61.36 MB LCBT_Block-Replica_007_Synchronization_Throttling.mov 52.66 MB LCBT_Block-Replica_008_Application_Examples.mov 61.14 MB LCBT_Block-Replica_099_EGRESS.mov 111.5 KB blkrpl.nfo 2.14 KB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. Linux CBT WinPHP Edition Course Objective PHP on Windows - Scripting Environment - Module IV Basics Download & Install Explore environment Explain supported variables Define variables and evaluate accordingly Implement references Generate arrays from strings Access distinct array elements Join arrays into strings Manipulate arrays with applicable functions Explore useful PHP information Conditions Discuss features Parse CLI parameters as needed Compare strings Confirm file existences Validate the presence of URL variables Discuss SWITCH & CASE Loops Discuss applicability List common types Explore FOR Implement and evaluate FOREACH Look at WHILE where applicable Iterate over lists and file I/O File I/O Enumerate relevant features Obtain statistics from files Generate lists from directory calls Confirm directory status Read files into arrays Transform data and generate modified output Intersperse data where desired Generate Checksums Discuss supported hashes Produce checksums for variable content Compare results with predefined binaries Normalize Files Discuss problem Identify targets Code applicable hooks to parse files Transform file names Produce transformations HTTP Request | Response | cURL Discuss concepts and applications Integrate Client URL library Generate GET & POST requests Parse on the back-end accordingly Dicuss caveats Properly encode URL request string Validate captured variables FTP Discuss applicability Invoke appropriate library Connect to remote FTP services Retrieve variabilized content Evaluate results HTTP Request | Response | cURL Discuss concepts and applications Integrate Client URL library Generate GET & POST requests Parse on the back-end accordingly Dicuss caveats Properly encode URL request string Validate captured variables MySQL Interface Layout data structure for application Retrieve data via FTP for transformation Transform process data for SQL submission Interface to MySQL from PHP Evaluate MySQL back-end PHP with HTML Discuss concepts and applications Integrate PHP with HTML Retrieve data from persistent data store Present data usign PHP & HTML Evaluate results Key Variables Define and use SESSION variables Validata variables with routine functions Explore superglobal variables Discuss relevance and sample scenarios LCBT_WinPHP_000_INGRESS.mov 112.62 KB LCBT_WinPHP_001_Welcome_Message.mov 21.17 MB LCBT_WinPHP_002_Installation_Exploration.mov 51.83 MB LCBT_WinPHP_003_PHP_Variables.mov 57.74 MB LCBT_WinPHP_004_Conditional_Branching.mov 56.96 MB LCBT_WinPHP_005_Loops_Usage.mov 26.89 MB LCBT_WinPHP_006_File_IO.mov 65.12 MB LCBT_WinPHP_007_Intersperse_String.mov 29.31 MB LCBT_WinPHP_008_Generate_Checksums.mov 45.43 MB LCBT_WinPHP_009_Normalize_Files.mov 55.08 MB LCBT_WinPHP_010_HTTP_GET-POST.mov 43.49 MB LCBT_WinPHP_011_FTP_Connection.mov 61.74 MB LCBT_WinPHP_012_MySQL_Connection.mov 60.54 MB LCBT_WinPHP_013_PHP_HTML.mov 59.44 MB LCBT_WinPHP_014_Session_VARs.mov 40.73 MB LCBT_WinPHP_015_Variable_Validation.mov 37.83 MB LCBT_WinPHP_016_SuperGlobal_Variables.mov 71.36 MB LCBT_WinPHP_099_EGRESS.mov 110.34 KB winphp.nfo 2.28 KB [Hidden Content]
  12. Infiniteskills Learning Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Training Video A Practical Exchange Server Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills. In this project-based Learning Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 video tutorial series youll quickly have relevant skills for real-world applications. Follow along with our expert instructor in this training course to get: Concise informative and broadcast-quality Learning Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 training videos delivered to your desktop The ability to learn at your own pace with our intuitive easy-to-use interface A quick grasp of even the most complex Learning Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 subjects because theyre broken into simple easy to follow tutorial videos Practical working files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of Learning Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 tutorial online or offline... so youll know the exact steps for your own projects. 01. Introduction To Microsoft Exchange Server 2013/01_01-What To Expect From This Course.mp4 2.24 MB 01. Introduction To Microsoft Exchange Server 2013/01_02-About The Author.mp4 1.69 MB 01. Introduction To Microsoft Exchange Server 2013/01_03-Course Overview.mp4 4.26 MB 01. Introduction To Microsoft Exchange Server 2013/01_04-Microsoft Exchange Server History.mp4 7.16 MB 01. Introduction To Microsoft Exchange Server 2013/01_05-Microsoft Exchange Server Versions.mp4 6.06 MB 01. Introduction To Microsoft Exchange Server 2013/01_06-Theory And Action.mp4 2.4 MB 01. Introduction To Microsoft Exchange Server 2013/01_07-How To Access Your Working Files.mp4 13.16 MB 02. Course Setup/02_01-Getting Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.mp4 5.49 MB 02. Course Setup/02_02-Hardware And Software Requirements.mp4 5.65 MB 02. Course Setup/02_03-Preparing Domains For Exchange Server 2013.mp4 3.45 MB 02. Course Setup/02_04-Installing Exchange Server 2013 - Part 1.mp4 7.95 MB 02. Course Setup/02_05-Installing Exchange Server 2013 - Part 2.mp4 3.76 MB 03. Exchange Basics/03_01-What Exchange Server Does.mp4 6.71 MB 03. Exchange Basics/03_02-How Exchange Server Works.mp4 7.7 MB 03. Exchange Basics/03_03-Exchange Server Technologies.mp4 5.7 MB 03. Exchange Basics/03_04-Exchange Server Terminology.mp4 6.52 MB 03. Exchange Basics/03_05-Exchange Server Roles.mp4 6.59 MB 03. Exchange Basics/03_06-Exchange Server And DNS.mp4 6.52 MB 03. Exchange Basics/03_07-Exchange Server Online.mp4 2.4 MB 03. Exchange Basics/03_08-Mail-Flow In Exchange Server 2013.mp4 8.04 MB 03. Exchange Basics/03_09-About The Edge Transport Server.mp4 6.55 MB 04. Exchange Server And Active Directory/04_01-Understanding Active Directory - Part 1.mp4 6.44 MB 04. Exchange Server And Active Directory/04_02-Understanding Active Directory - Part 2.mp4 7.7 MB 04. Exchange Server And Active Directory/04_03-Trees And Forests.mp4 3.28 MB 04. Exchange Server And Active Directory/04_04-Domain Controllers.mp4 5.3 MB 04. Exchange Server And Active Directory/04_05-Global Catalog Servers.mp4 6.12 MB 04. Exchange Server And Active Directory/04_06-The Impacts Of Exchange Server On Active Directory.mp4 6.6 MB 05. Exchange Server Administration/05_01-Exchange Server Administration Center.mp4 10.08 MB 05. Exchange Server Administration/05_02-Exchange Server Management Shell.mp4 12.68 MB 05. Exchange Server Administration/05_03-RBAC Overview.mp4 14.09 MB 05. Exchange Server Administration/05_04-Understanding Journaling.mp4 5.68 MB 05. Exchange Server Administration/05_05-Configuring Journaling.mp4 8.43 MB 05. Exchange Server Administration/05_06-Understanding Archiving.mp4 6.48 MB 05. Exchange Server Administration/05_07-Configuring Archiving.mp4 12.81 MB 05. Exchange Server Administration/05_08-Database Maintenance Basics.mp4 6.64 MB 05. Exchange Server Administration/05_09-Installing Cumulative Updates.mp4 8.01 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_01-Mailbox Basics.mp4 10.35 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_02-Role Of The Mailbox In Exchange Server 2013.mp4 4.55 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_03-Recipient Types.mp4 4.08 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_04-User Mailboxes.mp4 8.92 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_05-Mail User.mp4 8.6 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_06-Mail Contact.mp4 6.92 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_07-Distribution Group.mp4 7.42 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_08-Shared Mailbox.mp4 8.49 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_09-Mail-Enabled Security Group.mp4 8.42 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_10-Dynamic Distribution Group.mp4 11.22 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_11-Room Mailbox - Part 1.mp4 9.63 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_12-Room Mailbox - Part 2.mp4 10.17 MB 06. Mail Enabled Objects/06_13-Managing Recipient Permissions.mp4 8.95 MB 07. Managing Exchange Server Data/07_01-Storage Configuration Options.mp4 6.01 MB 07. Managing Exchange Server Data/07_02-Address Lists.mp4 11.19 MB 07. Managing Exchange Server Data/07_03-Customized Address Lists.mp4 11.44 MB 07. Managing Exchange Server Data/07_04-Address Book Policies.mp4 7.92 MB 07. Managing Exchange Server Data/07_05-The Offline Address Book.mp4 2.82 MB 07. Managing Exchange Server Data/07_06-High Availability.mp4 5.4 MB 07. Managing Exchange Server Data/07_07-Database Availability Groups.mp4 7.41 MB 08. Public Folders/08_01-Public Folder Basics - Part 1.mp4 6.88 MB 08. Public Folders/08_02-Public Folder Basics - Part 2.mp4 6.94 MB 08. Public Folders/08_03-Public Folder Placement.mp4 5.9 MB 08. Public Folders/08_04-Creating Public Folders.mp4 7.5 MB 09. Client Access Server/09_01-Client Access Basics.mp4 8.32 MB 09. Client Access Server/09_02-Outlook Web Application.mp4 7.8 MB 09. Client Access Server/09_03-Client Access Configuration - Part 1.mp4 8.05 MB 09. Client Access Server/09_04-Client Access Configuration - Part 2.mp4 13.79 MB 09. Client Access Server/09_05-OWA Virtual Directory Configuration.mp4 10.18 MB 10. Backing-Up Exchange Server 2013/10_01-The Backup Plan.mp4 6.3 MB 10. Backing-Up Exchange Server 2013/10_02-What To Backup.mp4 5.76 MB 10. Backing-Up Exchange Server 2013/10_03-Exchange Server 2013 Backup.mp4 14.47 MB 11. Conclusion/11_01-Wrap-Up.mp4 5.07 MB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. InfiniteskillsLearning Ubuntu Linux | 810 MB Duration: 5.5 hours91 tutorial videos | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 44.1KHz 1ch Genre: eLearning | Works on: Windows PC or Mac | Date Released: 2014-01-15 In this Ubuntu Linux training course expert author Ric Messier will take you through this free operating system teaching you valuable knowledge to help transform this operating system into a useful working tool. You will start out by learning how to obtain and successfully install Ubuntu Linux. 01. Introduction/01_01-Welcome.mp4 3.52 MB 01. Introduction/01_02-What To Expect.mp4 5.43 MB 01. Introduction/01_03-What Is Linux.mp4 6.76 MB 01. Introduction/01_04-Distributions.mp4 7.04 MB 01. Introduction/01_05-Obtaining Ubuntu Linux.mp4 6.41 MB 02. Installation/02_01-Booting.mp4 4.23 MB 02. Installation/02_02-LiveCD.mp4 3.25 MB 02. Installation/02_03-Starting Install.mp4 2.91 MB 02. Installation/02_04-Installation Process.mp4 3.07 MB 02. Installation/02_05-Disk Creation.mp4 4.64 MB 02. Installation/02_06-Users At Creation.mp4 5.46 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_01-Panel.mp4 6.85 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_02-Dock.mp4 6.92 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_03-Looking For Programs.mp4 8.51 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_04-Running Graphical Programs.mp4 10.52 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_05-Customization.mp4 7.48 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_06-Useful Utilities.mp4 10.67 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_07-Office Apps - LibreOffice.mp4 9.76 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_08-Using The Terminal.mp4 9.8 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_09-Aliases.mp4 6.12 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_10-Running Programs.mp4 11.24 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_11-Switching Desktop Environments.mp4 4 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_12-Using The Display Manager.mp4 5.17 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_13-Getting Help.mp4 10.81 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_14-Bash.mp4 8.69 MB 03. Around The Desktop/03_15-Internet Apps - Firefox And Pidgin.mp4 9.64 MB 04. File Management/04_01-Using The Console To List Files.mp4 11.26 MB 04. File Management/04_02-File Permissions.mp4 15.92 MB 04. File Management/04_03-File Management - Copy, Move And Rename.mp4 8.93 MB 04. File Management/04_04-Filesystem Layout.mp4 19.04 MB 04. File Management/04_05-Path Variable.mp4 13.21 MB 04. File Management/04_06-Editing Files.mp4 5.85 MB 04. File Management/04_07-Pseudo Filesystems - dev, proc And sys.mp4 16 MB 04. File Management/04_08-File Sharing.mp4 6.25 MB 04. File Management/04_09-Locating Files - find And which.mp4 9.21 MB 04. File Management/04_10-Redirection.mp4 10.46 MB 04. File Management/04_11-Special Files - devnull, devzero And devurandom.mp4 9.71 MB 04. File Management/04_12-Dot Files.mp4 7.83 MB 04. File Management/04_13-Symbolic And Hard Links.mp4 15.42 MB 04. File Management/04_14-Compression.mp4 13.11 MB 05. System Management/05_01-Package Sources And Updating.mp4 10.97 MB 05. System Management/05_02-Package Management - Search, Install And Remove.mp4 13.88 MB 05. System Management/05_03-Logging And Log Management.mp4 12.82 MB 05. System Management/05_04-Service Management.mp4 12.95 MB 05. System Management/05_05-Process Management - ps And top.mp4 11.01 MB 05. System Management/05_06-Process Management - kill And killall.mp4 8.85 MB 05. System Management/05_07-Building Software.mp4 10.07 MB 05. System Management/05_08-Useful Utilities - grep, sed.mp4 11.02 MB 05. System Management/05_09-Kernel Modules.mp4 10.15 MB 05. System Management/05_10-Kernel Config - sysctl.mp4 10.44 MB 05. System Management/05_11-User Management - Files.mp4 10.94 MB 05. System Management/05_12-User Management - Adding And Changing Users.mp4 12.84 MB 05. System Management/05_13-User Management - Groups.mp4 8.54 MB 05. System Management/05_14-Using Cron To Automate Tasks.mp4 11 MB 05. System Management/05_15-Using Sudo.mp4 12.98 MB 06. Networking And Security/06_01-Network Interfaces.mp4 8.48 MB 06. Networking And Security/06_02-DNS - dig, whois And host.mp4 13 MB 06. Networking And Security/06_03-Changing Nameservers.mp4 7.95 MB 06. Networking And Security/06_04-Basic Troubleshooting - ping And traceroute.mp4 17.31 MB 06. Networking And Security/06_05-Informational Utilities - netstat, ifconfig, route And arp.mp4 12.77 MB 06. Networking And Security/06_06-Packet Captures.mp4 7.1 MB 06. Networking And Security/06_07-IPTables.mp4 10.37 MB 06. Networking And Security/06_08-SSH Server.mp4 7.5 MB 06. Networking And Security/06_09-Using Netcat.mp4 6.12 MB 07. Disk Management/07_01-fdisk - Partitioning.mp4 7.86 MB 07. Disk Management/07_02-HDparm - Hard Drive Parameters.mp4 9.11 MB 07. Disk Management/07_03-RAID.mp4 7.47 MB 07. Disk Management/07_04-Logical Volume Management.mp4 6.82 MB 07. Disk Management/07_05-Formatting - Making A Filesystem.mp4 6.5 MB 07. Disk Management/07_06-Mounting Volumes.mp4 13.26 MB 07. Disk Management/07_07-Other File Systems.mp4 9.98 MB 07. Disk Management/07_08-Using Removable Media.mp4 8.67 MB 08. Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application/08_01-Installing Apache, MySQL And PHP.mp4 5.54 MB 08. Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application/08_02-Configuring Apache.mp4 8.77 MB 08. Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application/08_03-Loading PHP Module.mp4 7.54 MB 08. Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application/08_04-Installing And Configuring Samba.mp4 7.04 MB 08. Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application/08_05-UnpackingInstalling Wordpress.mp4 5.83 MB 08. Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application/08_06-Setting Permissions.mp4 11.28 MB 08. Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application/08_07-Creating A Database.mp4 5.42 MB 08. Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application/08_08-Creating A User In The Database.mp4 7.71 MB 08. Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application/08_09-Configuring Wordpress.mp4 6.21 MB 08. Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application/08_10-Complete Wordpress Installation.mp4 8.04 MB 08. Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application/08_11-Using HTML Editors.mp4 7.66 MB 09. Advanced Tasks/09_01-Bash Scripting.mp4 9.57 MB 09. Advanced Tasks/09_02-Perl Scripting.mp4 6.22 MB 09. Advanced Tasks/09_03-Python Scripting.mp4 6.85 MB 09. Advanced Tasks/09_04-Ruby Scripting.mp4 7.7 MB 09. Advanced Tasks/09_05-Writing C Programs.mp4 7.79 MB 09. Advanced Tasks/09_06-IPv6.mp4 8.66 MB 10. Wrapping Up/10_01-Review.mp4 6.72 MB 10. Wrapping Up/10_02-Next Steps.mp4 6.34 MB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. LinuxCBT CentOS 6 Edition * Installation | Deployment Explore features of CentOS Review network topology Obtain and confirm sources Perform Minimal installation Prep Apache installation server Execute Network installation Carry-out a Custom installation Kickstart installation Compare and contrast installations Evaluate results * Post-Installation Initialization and Exploration Explore Boot-INIT sequences Discuss System V Runlevels Generate boot problems Use Rescue Mode to address boot problems Evaluate results Demonstrate usage of the following useful commands & concepts *Basic Linux | Unix Commands ls, pwd, cd, cp, mv, rm, mkdir, rmdir, whoami alias, cat, file, chmod, chown, history STDIN | STDOUT, UNIX Pipes, Redirection, Command Chaining ps, df, top less & more, head & tail, find, which & whereis, w, who tar, gzip, bzip2 Checksums User management *File Attributes | Properties Identify common file types Peruse file system permissions Use SETUID | SETGID | Sticky Bit Implement symbolic links * top * Storage Management Provision additional EXT4 storage Allocate SWAP as needed Logical Volume Management Provisioning Manage LVM volumes Extend LVM volume groups & volumes Extend EXT4 file systems online | offline Implement reserve storage with LVM Evaluate results * Package Management Identify key RPM features Use RPM as needed Install | Remove packages Compare RPM and YUM Identify key YUM features Access package groups with YUM Evaluate results * Apache Web Services Identify key Apache features Explore default environment Explain and reference Apache Logs Provision IP-based Virtual Hosts Provision Name-based Virtual Hosts Test Virtual Host connectivity differences Segregate logs as needed Explore Apache SSL Configuration Evaluate results * top *Secure Communications Identify key Tools Use: SSH | SCP | SFTP to communicate securely Move data securely from Windows using SSH Implement FTPD with SSL Mandate SSL client usage for FTP services Connect from Windows using SSL as needed Perform network-wide reconnaissance Compare various reconnaissance gathering methods Explore SELinux default configuration Adjust SELinux to facilitate Apache Ensure SELinux directives persist Evaluate results * top [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. CBT Nuggets - LPI Linux LPIC-1 101 and compTIA Linux+ Want to learn Linux? Start here. This is the first series in the comprehensive CBT Nuggets LPI training path. This video training with Shawn Powers covers what you need to know to get started using Linux, including performing basic file management, managing disk quotas, and more. 17 - Perform Basic File Editing Operations Using vi.mp4 28.48 MB 18 - Create Partitions and Filesystems.mp4 31.66 MB 16 - Search Text Files with Regular Expressions.mp4 23.29 MB 15 - Process Priorities.mp4 35.59 MB 14 - Create, Monitor, and Kill Processes.mp4 36.3 MB 19 - Maintain the Integrity of Filesystems.mp4 56.63 MB 20 - Control Mounting and Unmounting of Filesystems.mp4 23.35 MB 24 - Find System Files and Place Files in the Correct Location.mp4 38.99 MB 23 - Create and Change Hard and Symbolic Links.mp4 23.79 MB 22 - Manage File Permissions and Ownership.mp4 61.74 MB 21 - Manage Disk Quotas.mp4 18.99 MB 13 - Use Streams, Pipes, and Redirects.mp4 20.1 MB 12 - Perform Basic File Management.mp4 78.11 MB 05 - Design Hard Disk Layout.mp4 21.46 MB 04 - Change Runlevels and Reboot or Shutdown the System.mp4 21.52 MB 03 - Boot the System.mp4 22.98 MB 02 - Hardware Settings.mp4 51.33 MB 06 - Install a Boot Manager.mp4 28.02 MB 07 - Manage Shared Libraries.mp4 12.49 MB 11 - Process Text Streams Using Filters.mp4 60.36 MB 10 - Work on the Command Line.mp4 42.88 MB 09 - RPM & YUM Package Management.mp4 30.25 MB 08 - Debian Package Management.mp4 42.09 MB 01 - LPIC1 & CompTIA Linux+ Intro.mp4 2.69 MB [hide][Hidden Content]]
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