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  1. hi how to open this one ? which player is valid? can you share pdf? Thank you
  2. can you share this one? appreciated for sharing. thanks
  3. skylord


    If you have passed , can you please share more details? Thank you
  4. best of luck bro , please share your exam experience
  5. hi Guys ..popuc solution still valid..thanks for the share.
  6. I have tried to simulate this q. it depends how u change the timers, if after establish connection for BGP Peering. The timers will be following the smallest. (answer A) but after u restart with clear ip bgp * it will lead to answers D. but if it happen before establish state, it will not be any peering between them which lead the answers to be D since the q is mentioning "After the BGP TCP negotiation between RouterA and RouterB" this means after TCP negotiation both routers will exchange the timers which will lead only in active state and did not turn to be established state I will say that the answers should be D no value, because BGP negotiation will not be successful any other opinions are welcome. Thank you
  7. kogetsu please share your answers Thanks
  8. Hi Eddy , what is your score? what answers did you choose regarding q56 and BGP Accumulated IGP ?
  9. Hi eddy I also will go on thursday. Wish both of us pass it.
  10. hi lobi4lobi and all members, as the diagram is mention there is no ibgp peering between R2 and R3. so there is no need for bgp redistribute internal which is usually configured when you want to redistribute ibgp routes into igp. from R2 perspective , it only allow prefix le 32 to be in its routing table. from R3 perspective , it only get ospf routing table and E2 from the redistribute command. so i will take B as the answers. is this correct explanation? I just want to discuss...anybody has another opinion? Thank you
  11. hi guys question no 22 Why is R3 unable to install in its routing table? I Think the answers would be B. The route is filtered out by theip prefix-list ROUTE-IN command. as we can see R2 only let prefix le 32 going in from R1 ( so only route R3 will be seen is default route from R2 that are redistribute from bgp to OSPF , but there is no default route is sent from bgp perspective. CMIIW
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