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  1. indeed, routing and swithing not available anymore
  2. Someone who can reupload these files? thanks in advance
  3. Cisco's Netacad has a Cyberops course. I am looking for that material(labs,assesments, quizzes, exams) to start learning my career in CyberOps and before going for the real certification. Anyonw who has that stuff? Many thanks.
  4. I am looking for stuff that can help me with the Netacad Cyber Operations course. Anyone who can help me with this? Thanks.
  5. no direct link.doesnt work
  6. only for premium accounts Quote MultiQuote Edit
  7. only for premium accounts, useless
  8. anyone who can share the us-council ethical hacking material? It is only only available so i cant use it offline. Thanks in adance.
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