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  1. kindly if any have please share
  2. for NSE4 please share the details
  3. we passed 3 guys in row and we used 8.22
  4. bro still picture is not clear i think might we have to wait till February till and until Cisco comes with any kind of announcement and format for the V6
  5. @wannie please can your exam experience like what went wrong and whats your suggestions for the upcoming lab takers
  6. reboot WSA/R2 and then try to access server1 and server2
  7. in real scanerio i did not faced this issue to reboot WSA for the forwarding task to work, but in lab at some locations there is issue with redirection might be its due to bug
  8. please can you mention what kind of issue you are facing with WSA?
  9. @ Zic0 , after connecting anyconnect , redirection via WSA was working fine? you was able to browse Server3 from mab pc and server4 from dot1x pc? was able to SSH to R1 ? and you did the verification regading all the task in section 4?
  10. pass security lab dhunna mafia
  11. such rumors will be coming in up coming days dont focus on this, its strategy of the PSL type guys
  12. add me also planning in coming one or two months in Dubai
  13. Hello Guys, would be thankful if someone could share CCIE Wireless v3.1 Lab Video Series 1 from network dojo thanks in advance
  14. guys below is the link for lab exam review notes [Hidden Content] Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces). Read the Board Rules
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