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  1. Another complicated question is as below as different vendor has different answer: (To me it is C and D) Which two methods are used by an AP that is trying to discover a wireless LAN controller? (Choose two.) A. Cisco Discovery Protocol neighbor B. querying other APs C. DHCP Option 43 D. broadcasting on the local subnet E. DNS lookup CISCO-DNA-PRIMARY.localdomain
  2. A network administrator is implementing a routing configuration change and enables routing debugs to track routing behavior during the change. The logging output on the terminal is interrupting the command typing process. Which two actions can the network administrator take to minimize the possibility of typing commands incorrectly? (Choose two.) A. Configure the logging synchronous global configuration command. B. Configure the logging synchronous command under the vty. C. Increase the number of lines on the screen using the terminal length command. D. Configure the logging delimiter feature. E. Press the TAB key to reprint the command in a new line.
  3. Which type of antenna do the radiation patterns present? Patch/Yagi???
  4. As per digitaltut: Ansible can communicate with modern Cisco devices via SSH or HTTPS so it does not require an SSH server -> Answer is not correct. An Ansible ad-hoc command uses the /usr/bin/ansible command-line tool to automate a single task on one or more managed nodes. Ad-hoc commands are quick and easy, but they are not reusable -> It is not a requirement either -> Answer is not correct. Ansible Tower is a web-based solution that makes Ansible even more easy to use for IT teams of all kinds. But it is not a requirement to run Ansible -> Answer is not correct. Therefore only answer B is the best choice left. An Ansible controller (the main component that manages the nodes), is supported on multiple flavors of Linux, but it cannot be installed on Windows.
  5. Which requirement for an Ansible managed node is true? A. It must have an SSH server running. B. It must be a Linux server or a Cisco device. C. It must support ad hoc commands. D. It must have an Ansible Tower installed. WHAT SHOULD BE THE ANSWER? A or B
  6. Is there any lab questions or is all multiple choice?
  7. Just Passed AZ-900 Exam. I used 186Q Questions. Dumps file is Valid. No New Questions. Total Questions in Exam 32.
  8. Please re-upload. I am unable to find file.
  9. However I am sharing another 100Q dump with you. But I doubted about the both files. Those are not valid. Sorry for late reply. Cisco.Premium.350-401.by_.VCEplus.100q-DEMO.pdf
  10. Please share the vce again. I'll convert to pdf and upload here
  11. Hi All, Can you please share this?
  12. Hi Guys, Could you please share VCA-NV (1V0-604) dump?
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