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  1. Hi, Below is the link for the same. [Hidden Content] Thanks
  2. I am not sure about the 106 Q as I have prepared from 237 Q Pass Lead.
  3. Hi, Yes i have it and its valid.
  4. Hi, I have pass the exam and 237Q is valid.. All the questions from that file only..
  5. Hi, Yes I have cleared the exam and this dumps is still valid. Go for it.. All the very best
  6. I am going for exam tomorrow is there any one have given exam in last 2-3 days ? Thanks
  7. Hi, I am going for exam tomorrow. It is still valid ?
  8. Hi Guys, Pass today and 342 Q is still valid. Thanks
  9. Hi, From exam collection we can download but it is giving error for newer version of vce reader. But already I have the newer version only. Anyone have idea how to open exam collection downloaded dumps. Thanks
  10. Okey.. No worries when you planning to give written exam??
  11. I am from India and Mumbai and local mean we can meet and start studying. If u staying in USA Its not possible. So my concerns was this only.
  12. No..but if you local guy we can share phone numbers and plan according.
  13. So When you are planning to give your written exam ? And from where you belongs to can you send me PM
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