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  1. Try this. Hope it helps [Hidden Content]
  2. Yeah, I see your point, you can get the material here: [Hidden Content]
  3. Specter Ops is maybe the top 1 company in Red Team training dude
  4. Got it, I misunderstood buddy and I agree, what I was saying is that the last version of the course is quite good, specially the advanced version; nevertheless, getting the pdf is not useful if you don't assist to the course AT ALL
  5. That's kind a noob comment, it's 10 years old, it's applicable to Windows 7, Windows 8, and now Windows 10.... Why you comment things you don't know dude???
  6. In this particular order? Rastalabs Offshore Cybernetics
  7. Hello Can anybody share this? [Hidden Content]
  8. The last post has the file attached [Hidden Content]
  9. Inside the leaked one is artifact
  10. MKG.zipThis is the crack, but it doesn't work, maybe somebody can fix it?
  11. A friend of mine, told that the PWK PDF 2020 is three times watermaked, be careful
  12. It connects to an external website, downloads an activates a VPN, so, it's a HUGE malware.....
  13. Didn't work the key, why you don't share all the link in one?? many times there are issues related with the separetaly keys
  14. I think is for 4.0 version, is the previous posted here
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