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  1. Hi there, Would it be possible for anyone to kindly post/re-post the SANS MGT 414 mp3 files (audio) from 2017 or later? There's a few of us who are looking desperately for it. Would be greatly appreciated if so!
  2. Hi Slevinit, any chance of a re-up of this? Would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I second this. It's a shame the newer material has Seth Misenar as the instructor and not Eric Conrad, but the audio especially would be good for a more updated review.
  4. For Mac, try using Keka, it worked for me.
  5. Would be great if so, also the IFCI links if you don't mind?
  6. This certs probably too new yet for any valid dumps on it, I'd imagine.
  7. Can anyone kindly post Rapidgator or FileFactory links for these? Would be greatly appreciated!
  8. I started this thread, and it was only a request from the very beginning.... Unless someone legitimately posts links for this up here, it remains a request.
  9. Dannyb, the guy (Alaabsaim) who uploaded it, only uploaded a portion, and thus no one got all of it. I was/am the original requester and I got literally none of it.
  10. Thanks SlvBeard, I've been looking for the Learnsmart training for this for ages, but your link will help also. I appreciate it!
  11. Well I can see this post did pretty much nothing. Why say you have it when you don't???
  12. Alaabsaim, If you're still around bro, could you kindly re-upload this? I am the original requester, and I totally missed out on the links. Let me know if there's anything you need! A torrent would be awesome.
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