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  1. Great video about Active Directory practices [Hidden Content]
  2. Can't see any video, just little square in the middle (can hear sound)? What are those md5 hashes for? Do I have to copy it somewhere?
  3. I can't see any video , just one square in the middle .. what is the problem... What should I do with those md5 hashes? Copy it somewhere or?
  4. Finally I succeeded... I'm in a hurry now but I will explain it soon how to do it step by step.. from begining to the end .....thanks for help anyway p.s. Basti756 oscdimg is used to make dvd bootable. But imagex does the job after booting... Here is what I did. I installed windows 7 and install all programs,customize settings ets. . Run sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown. Before running sysprep stop service with net stop wmpnetworksvc(windows media player network sharing service). I created unattend file to make this current user always default user(same desktop , settings etc). I uploaded it to wds. My wim file is about 8 GB in size. Because of that I had to splitt it up to fit on dvd's. You can use double layer dvd also without spliting. to split use Imagex /split c:\"path to wim"\image.wim d:\image\install.swm 4000 to split it for 4gb dvd. Now to make it bootable you have to use WAIK. Open Deployment Tools command Prompt. Type Copype x86 c:\winpe Create Folder according to how much swm files you have. I have to so I created folders c:\DVD1\sources and c:\dvd2\sources. I want to make first dvd bootable by copy extra required tools to dvd1 with xcopy /y /e c:\winpe\iso\*.* c:\dvd1\ and copy c:\programfiles\windows aik\tools\x86\imagex.exe to c:\dvd1. Than i copied boot file to dvd1 folder with copy c:\winpe\winpe.wim c:\dvd1\sources\boot.wim (notice I changed winpe.wim to boot.wim that is required to make it bootable). To create disk image I used oscdimg -m -n -bc:\winpe\etfboot.com c:\winpe\etfsboot.com c:\dvd1 c:\dvd1.iso to make second disk (not bootable) oscdimg -m -n c:\dvd2 c:\dvd2\dvd2.iso Burn images to dvd's. That is all about creating restoring DVD's. Not let's apply it to new computer. If you haven't partitioned your new computer you can do it with diskpart. First you have to boot your computer with first dvd you just make. I hope you know to create partition with disk part, it is easy. select disk 0 , clean , create partition primary size=40000 , select partition 1 , format quick fs=ntfs label="windows", assign letter="c", active. You have to create two partition to copy swm files onto with copy command. Copy everything on D partiton(both dvd's). Now it's time to restore the image. Once you have copied files on D we need to go where we have the imagex.exe and run imagex /ref d:\install*.swm /apply d:\install.swm 1 c: ref tells the imagex program that the file is in several parts and needs to reference all the files called d:\install*.swm. This process can take a while, just wait until it's finished. Now let's make HD bootable. cd c:\windows\system32\bcdboot c:\windows FINISHED
  5. I installed WDS , customize installation on some windows 7 computer and capture it using wds. It is about 7.9 GB in size. I uploaded it to wds. There is no problem to install it on computers from wds. I want to convert it (wim file) to bootable iso file. First I splitted it up to two about 4GB swm files using imagex /split. Tried to make it bootable as microsoft says with oscdimg -n -m bc:\"path....com" c:\"path" c:\...dvd1.iso but no success. Have someone know how to do it... Thank you
  6. Jeremy Ciaora ? What company does he work for?
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