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  1. Hi! Couldn't find any better placement for topic, so: have a task of upgrading SW on a pair of EX4500 bounded into Virtual Chassis with current SW version 11.2. Heard there could be issues and one ought do it in some specific way. Goal is to introduce as little downtime as possible as devices are in core of network. Any suggestions? PS have for example digged such limitation referring to target software release: [Hidden Content] (Virtual Chassis section)
  2. Good day. I'm looking for company which is interested in renting my certifications - CCNA, CCDA, CCNP with upcoming in 2 monthes CCIP. Able to pass most of specialisation exams in short term. If interested, please PM me.
  3. Thank You man, i just crawled entire internet looking for CIW stuff. Maybe You have more, if so, pls send me private message we will discuss it. TNX.
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