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  1. Hi RAM, Use LP when u want all the routers in the AS to behave the same regarding the prefix. Use weight if u want only this router to be affected. Thanks
  2. Hi jzx, Below is my personal suggestion based on a very long study period. 1. Dont worry too much and spent time about which vendor is the best, because there is NO vendor which covers EVERYTHING. You could start with 1 vendor (Narbik is the simplest to understand. INE has more more depth and although I have not spent much time on CISCO360, based on my little experience on CISCO 360, I can say that they cover in much more depth.) My suggestion go for Narbik first then INE and if you have time CISCO360 2. I would recommend listening to INE videos before you start with any lab 3. Understand topic by topic and ALWAYS make notes...because you will tend to forget stuff because of the enormous quantity covered in the CCIE blueprint. 4. Once you are comfortable with the concepts, at least once read through the questions of INE Mock labs and try to solve them by yourselves 5. Start extreme labbing at this point. Practice... practice harder because in the CCIE lab you need speed (Im not talking about typing speed. The solutions to problems you might face in the lab should come to you really quick and this needs practice.) 6. At the end you might need to use dumps as I personally dont think 95% of people can pass the lab without it as the exam has become really really tough. Finally, you might get really frustrated and feel "down" multiple times during your preparation...that comes with the CCIE...You just have to lift yourselves up and continue.. Regarding Jeff Doyle...It is a wonderful book to understand concepts....but the CCIE lab is much above mere concepts. You should have at least an average understanding of Jeff Doyle before you start with anything regarding the CCIE lab Again..this is just my personal view of a study plan...Some of the points above I have myself followed...some I think I should have followed but couldn't. Thanks.
  3. Hi ieeee, I remember it like this so I do not get confused. candidate RPs announce themselves to mapping agents. So C-RPs use the cmd "send rp-announce" mapping agent discovers the C-RPs. So they use "send rp-discovery" Thanks
  4. Hi Team, I am looking for serious study partners who I can discuss INE stuff with. I have been preparing for around 10 months now and giving my lab next month. I am going through INE mock labs very fast now and plan to start cert labs in a week. I would like to invite guys who are willing to clear last minute CCIE preparation doubts. The idea is to complete INE mock/advanced labs discussion within the next 10 days. Starting Nov 1st week, we will be discussing cert/pcl. People who would like to discuss technology with me are welcome to PM me with details. We already are a group of 9 guys, 8 of us giving the lab in nov or dec. Thanks.
  5. Hi Inferno, I have send you a PM Could u respond pls. Thanks
  6. Hi Peterjj, Thanks for your response. But I was looking for feedback on the exact question of INE. I couldn't get their answer. I wanted to know if I their answer is right or wrong This is a very important topic always asked in the CCIE lab and we have to be 100% sure about the concept. If you have INE could you check that question ? Thanks
  7. Hi i3isking, Thanks for your reply. Could we have couple of more responses to the question Thanks
  8. Hi Team, We could also meet in the chat section on this forum at a predefined time of day Thanks
  9. We (3 guys) are also looking for study partners who are giving lab inside the next 1-6 weeks. Guys who are serious about logical discussions about the lab please PM me with details. Appreciate your responses. Thanks.
  10. I faced the same problem too. Guess initial configs do not take care of looping. Narbik is very good...but does not have the depth of INE. Thanks
  11. pfr


    I guess the changes have to be very drastic (or extremely corner scenarios in multiple questions), else with the knowledge that most of us attempt the lab, we should be passing. As far as I know, we can afford to get 0 points in 3-4 questions (out of the 20-22) and still get 80% in configuration.
  12. Hi Team, INE Mock lab 16 1.1 Pruning • Some time ago a new switch was installed in your network that had a high configuration revision number and it erroneously overwrote your entire VTP domain. • In order to protect against this type of misconfiguration in the future your new corporate policy dictates that all switches must run in VTP transparent mode. However since SW1, SW2, SW3, and SW4 are not advertising VLAN information to each other they cannot participate in VTP pruning. This has resulted in a large amount of unnecessary broadcast traffic being sent over your trunk links. • In order to solve this problem manually configure your network to behave as though VTP pruning has been enabled. • Trunk only the necessary VLANs on SW2’s trunk to R6. The solution is below SW1, SW2: vtp mode transparent SW1: interface FastEthernet0/14 switchport trunk allowed vlan 16,47,100,200 ! interface FastEthernet0/19 switchport trunk allowed vlan 3003 SW2: interface FastEthernet0/14 switchport trunk allowed vlan 16,63 ! interface FastEthernet0/14 switchport trunk allowed vlan 16,47,100,200 ! interface FastEthernet0/16 switchport trunk allowed vlan 63 SW3: interface FastEthernet0/16 switchport trunk allowed vlan 63 SW4: interface FastEthernet0/13 switchport trunk allowed vlan 3003 Why do we need 3003 on Sw1 and SW4 ? INE mock lab 9 1.4 also is similar. Solution says VLAN 68 connects SW2 to R6 (connected to SW4), so needs to be created on SW2, SW3, and SW4. Why ? I couldn't find the logic behind the solution. Could someone help ? Thanks
  13. Hi ieeee, errordisable cmds are needed only if you need to recover from a disabled port. In this case because we are using bpdufilter, port is NOT disabled if unexpected bpdu enters this port. So No need of errordisable cmds. My sincere advice to you is to first concentrate on the INE mock lab 2. It is very easy. Just focus on switching first. You can understand switching for what is needed for the lab in max 2 days. After this you should be able to answer 90% of the lab questions by yourself. Continue the same logic for other topics. This is just my thought. Please do not feel offended. Thanks
  14. Hi nirrp, Did you appear for the lab ? Could you provide some info on how your lab was ? Thanks
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