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  1. Hello All, I was about to register for RHCSA exam and noticed that there is an option for "Individual Exam" Does anyone know what is "Individual Exam" - does it mean I can take the exam from my home The other question is the earliest date to register for the classroom exam that I am getting is Aug 2019 - is that normal ? I thought that I need to register like few day before I am planning to take the exam. Pls respond so that I can register Regards QG
  2. Can anyone provide me with the questions for this exam. Pass2Lead has 796 questions for this exam. I understand that they might have the wrong answers, but I am looking for the questions - will verify the answer myself
  3. Has anyone in this group taken this exam? If yes then share your experience
  4. Thanks for sharing. Do you know if this exam has any simulations ?
  5. Hello, I am looking for "Citrix Netscaler 11x: Unofficial Lab Guide - For Beginners" [Hidden Content] If anyone has it then pls share Regards QuickGuy
  6. Hello Citrix Gurus, I am unable to download Citrix NetScaler MAS Appliance from the Citrix website. The error I get is "Requires additional permissions to access" I am able to download Citrix NetScaler ADC using the same MyCitrix login ID Anyone can share the appliance ? Regards QuickGuy
  7. The license file should not be modified as it will corrupt it. Try changing your computer name of the server you have the license server installed and share your results
  8. Downloaded successfully yesterday using the same password
  9. where is the torrent link ? Couldn't find it. Please help
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