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  1. I want to join as well. Can't PM you. Not sure if you can do Cheers
  2. Has anyone passed using this
  3. Guys, just share the torrent. It keeps getting deleted
  4. One of my friends passed last week. You can refer to the below forum, people are sharing their study techniques. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]128282-cissp-passed-posts.html Fido
  5. Can you pls upload "Dumps & Exam Questions" to mega. Thank s in advance for your efforts.
  6. Video Description More than 10 hours of video training covering all aspects of troubleshooting BGP. Toal of 57 videos. BGP Troubleshooting LiveLessons provides complete coverage of the techniques you need to troubleshoot key BGP issues for all these Cisco operating systems: Cisco IOS, IOS XR, and NxOS. This title covers updated BGP design implementations found in blended service providers and enterprise environments and shows exactly how to troubleshoot them. There are 8 modules with 20 lessons equaling more than 10 hours of video training in BGP Troubleshooting LiveLessons. Coverage includes: o Troubleshooting BGP Peering Issues o Troubleshooting Platform Issues Caused by BGP o Troubleshooting BGP Routing Policies o Troubleshooting BGP Convergence o BGP Multi-Homing and Multipath o Scaling BGP o Securing BGP o BGP High Availability Skill Level o Intermediate What You Will Learn o Topical, up to date information for BGP Troubleshooting o The ins and outs of troubleshooting on Cisco IOS, IOS XR, and NxOS Who Should Take This Course Network Engineers, Network Operations, Technical Support Engineers, Consultants, IP Infrastructure Engineers, Cisco Channel Partners The target audience is for intermediate to advanced network engineers that support BGP IOS, IOS XR, or NxOS-based platforms and have to troubleshoot complex BGP-related routing issues in their network. Networking experts will find the proposed book as an expert troubleshooting guide that could be used as a reference source during major outage situations. Course Requirements Knowledge and understanding of BGP and its attributes [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Video Description In Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) LiveLessons, Jeff Doyle provides a practical introduction to Border Gateway Protocol for anyone wishing to understand the basics of BGP on Cisco Routers. BGP LiveLessons provides a solid understanding of Border Gateway Protocol for anyone wishing to understand the basics of BGP on Cisco Routers. After introducing the fundamental concepts of inter-AS routing and the functions and attributes of Border Gateway Protocol, BGP LiveLessons goes further, offering a sophisticated exploration of BGP-based routing policies so you can access a deeper understanding of the topics. This course is perfect for networking professionals and CCIP and CCIE certification candidates, including those taking the 642-885 SPADVROUTE exam. Skill Level o Intermediate What You Will Learn o Basic BGP concepts and autonomous systems o BGP attributes and the decision process o BGP configuration scaling, policy scaling, and topology scaling Who Should Take This Course o Working engineers in the Enterprise space who want to expand their knowledge of the Service Provider space o CCIP and CCIE candidates seeking a first exposure to BGP o IT managers in need of a quick understanding of BGP concepts to better manage their engineering teams o Engineers familiar with BGP on other operating systems who wish to learn BGP configuration with IOS Course Requirements o Understanding of routing concepts o Understanding of IP IGPs o Understanding of IPv4 addresses o A basic understanding of Cisco IOS usage (although not entirely necessary) About the Author: Jeff Doyle, CCIE #1919, is Principal Architect at FishNet Security. He specializes in IP routing protocols, MPLS, and IPv6 and has designed or assisted in the design of large-scale IP service provider networks throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. He is the author of Routing TCP/IP Volumes I and II (Cisco Press), among other books and articles. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. fido19

    CCDE Study Grp

    There is already a group with 177 members, Please PM me
  9. Here's the list of sessions in the link: BRKRST-2336 - EIGRP Deployment in Modern Networks BRKRST-2337 - OSPF Deployment in Modern Networks BRKRST-3363 - Routed Fast Convergence BRKRST-3321 - Advanced - Scaling BGP BRKSEC-4054 - Advanced Concepts of DMVPN BRKSEC-3052 - Advanced DMVPN Designs BRKIPM-1261 - Introduction to IP Multicast BRKIPM-3017 - Advanced mVPN Deployment Models BRKSEC-3011 - Advanced IPSec with GET VPN ITMGEN-4220 - IPv6 BRKRST-2301 - Enterprise IPv6 Deployment BRKDCT-2218 - Scalable Midsize Data Center Designs BRKCRS-2661 - Designing Layer 2 Networks - Avoiding Loops, Drops, Flooding BRKCRS-2501 - Campus QoS Design-Simplified BRKDCT-3378 - Building DataCenter Networks with VXLAN BGP-EVPN BRKDCT-2404 - VXLAN Deployment Models - A practical perspective BRKSEC-2206 - Security and Virtualization in the Data Center BRKIOT-2025 - Building Large Scale IOT Architectures PSOSPG-2002 - Cisco Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure BRKSPG-3616 - SDN and NFV for Service Providers
  10. Cisco Live sessions [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. Cisco live sessions [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Yes, you can do that. You can pass the written v4 and book for v5 lab.
  13. fido19

    passed my lab3

    Congrats XYZ !!!
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