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  1. For GB visit the Group Buy section. Strictly NO GB related discussions / initiations under this thread. All GB related comments have been removed. To start a GB, go to the Group Buy section, read the pinned GB rules topic, create a new GB topic and wait for approval.
  2. @Uberkey, Can you pl share below if possible? "Ansible for Networking Engineers Introduction to Docker Network Automation 101 Network Automation Tools Network Automation Use Cases Network Function Virtualization Network Programmability 101 PowerShell for Network Engineers QoS Fundamentals Sizing the network" Appreciate your help!
  3. Hello frnds It looks like LAB Minutes complete videos are not available any where. I am looking for ACI and could get only few of them here(Nitro links(3 part is not full). If any one has those complete set pl help sharing maybe privately if they are taking down the links. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee PM me the links ! Thanks in advance!!!
  4. Sorry Mavis I didn't know this rule. Below is the magnet link for KW Network Programmability Fundamentals course, [hide]magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D2C86FD1982E90B9B4A51D3CFFCFED4B51EDA3E7&dn=%5BFreeCoursesOnline.Me%5D%20LiveLesson%20-%20Network%20Programmability%20Fundamentals%20-%20%5BFCO%5D.torrent&tr=[Hidden Content]] BR Srini Make use of hide tag while posting download links. Read board rules. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces)
  5. I found KW course here, hope this will help you guys. BR Srini Do not post links to external website. Post direct download link, magnet link instead.
  6. Hello, I found some where the magnet link .Enjoy learning and sharing. Thanks. ''''' [hide]magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D2C86FD1982E90B9B4A51D3CFFCFED4B51EDA3E7&dn=%5BFreeCoursesOnline.Me%5D%20LiveLesson%20-%20Network%20Programmability%20Fundamentals%20-%20%5BFCO%5D.torrent&tr=[Hidden Content]] '''' Use hide tags. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces)
  7. I think here is the latest 2018 torrent magnet link. [Hidden Content] Please, hide your links next time. Usage: [ hide ] All your Download links [ /hide ] (without spaces)
  8. Have you downloaded anything from this location ? I don't see any files here , Seems like nicely organized empty boxes.!
  9. Hi I need one , Please send me details also let me know valid worldwide or nor.
  10. HiI have to take this JNCIS SA exam this month, would you be able to share the EDU-JUN-JPSA-7.a with me?. Thanks in advance,
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