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    Working Viptela Lab

    use the Up and Down arrow key
  2. jchan

    Working Viptela Lab

    Thanks R2013. Keep getting below message, what should we do? vManage# gzip: /opt/data/dca/cache/default-status-2019-11-19-22-15-38.json.gz al ready exists; do you wish to overwrite (y or n)? read: Resource temporarily unavailable
  3. Upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1 then to 2.6 successfully. Question: how to extend the Plus & Apex licenses? I have 313 days remaining. Please help. I've edited adv.lic file with a new Serial number and changed date to "FEATURE ISE cisco 2.0 01-apr-2099 uncounted", however when imported it to ISE, system said "License file could not be read.It is either corrupted or illegal." Apex.lic Plus 10000 Term 20-Nov-2020 (313 days remaining) Apex 10000 Term 20-Nov-2020 (313 days remaining)
  4. Hi bvn63, - need sd access. Can you PM the links please. thanks
  5. Got below error. Can you make a torrent, post the link here please? google drive download quota exceeded for this file so you can't download it at this time.
  6. Can some please share Khawar Butt CCIE SEC Bootcamp notes ? I seem couldn't find this is anywhere, Thanks
  7. Can someone suggest a software to scrape videos from INE AAP stream?
  8. Link dead, can someone help with a new update link please?
  9. I have the same issue, how did you resolve it? please share.
  10. I am running 6.2.1, I couldn't find the /etc/sf/.health_monitor.data I tired ls -al command but no luck. I tired the following command but it just opened a blank new file. [email protected]:~# vi /etc/sf/.health_monitor.data Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi - i was watching "2017-09-17 17.36.31 Khawar Butt's Personal Meeting Room 2628141026", it ended with SSL webvpn (clientless), it looks like below videos are missing. Does anyone has it? Please share. Thanks [updated] - never mind, found it. It is on "2017-10-08 17.31.32" folder, starting at around 2:30 mins in video. Deep-Packet Inspection using MPF - Tunning the global policy - Configuring custome L7 policy VPNs - Remote access - SSL (client) - IKev2
  12. can someone share KB's written file on notepad for each day lab please? Thanks
  13. If someone has a copy, please share? Handbook from below link: [Hidden Content]
  14. does this work on eve-ng? I tired but it stuck in below outputs loader: Platform type set to default Platform ASAv loader: Platform type set to default IO memory blocks requested from bigphys 32bit: 87680 Platform ASAv IO memory blocks requested from bigphys 32bit: 87680
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