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  1. what TS questions did u get? if more peoples posted their TS questions for discussion this would be easier. come on people - please contribute and dont just read what others have said. i also had a BGP weight question, answer: set weight on one neig.
  2. please read the whole discussion. Yes, recent around 4 weeks ago. non-mpls lab tamboi
  3. Anthony only a presentor. he have 0 knowledge. Brian and Petr excellent. Avoid Anthony. He really bad knowlege and much talk.
  4. i have non-mpls lab. lab give no problems. Autosummary only give issue with redistribute. make care to filter correct backbone nets because of summary. have luck and share experience. please also ts as this my problm.
  5. hi, not sur which TS i have, one with ssh rotary, syslog, priv with aaa, and ospf virtuallink. in ospf virtual link there was 2 mistake 1. RID wrong 2. virtuallink password not correct vl come up both side, but still no ping. Any one knows? very fustrate. how to make well in this section? anyone have material or experince to share me ?
  6. i fail becaus of TS. Please can people share experiens with TS. thanks
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