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  1. Hi all, I took the CCIE R&S exam today and passed with 9xx . 60% of the questions were from SPOTO 136 Qs and some were from 1300Q dumps. I also had the ntp Drag and drop something that maps to ntp server, ntp peer, ntp orphan, ntp refclock .. I felt the first 50Qs were tough and for the remaining were from SPOTO 136Q. Also a new drag and drop for finding the broadcaset address for the given ip address. Best of luck guys. If you are thorough in SPOTO 136Q and rushed thru the the 1300Q , you should be able to PASS. Thanks & Regards
  2. Please include me as well. Iam located in SJ,CA
  3. Also enable loopguard along with udld. Its the recommended solution by cisco to detect unidirectional link.
  4. Even with uplinkfast we are changing only the priority to acheive our goal. I got this interesting thread abt the same issue ...so rootguard is the only option to enforce [Hidden Content]
  5. Hi all, How to make a switch to not be the root for any vlan without changing the priority. My solution is to enable root guard on all the attached switches In the below topology SW1 is connected to both SW2 and SW3. I dont want SW1 to be the root at any time. SW1----------(root guard)SW2--------(root)SW4 |-----------(root guard) SW3------|(root) Please let me know whether this solution is right. I dont think enabling uplinkfast(according to K2+) in SW1 will help. Thanks cciebull
  6. One of my friend got something new not similar to any K. He got 2 or 3 QoS qs in troubleshooting I got some info from him 1) mpls l3 vpn 2) setting precedence and matching precedence along redistribution points(??) 3) Multicast ssm 4) frame-relay qos and mls qos 5) Basic IPv6
  7. Can you please mail me the contact mail-id .Iam not able to send any personal message
  8. Hi Ziyara, Thanks for your reply. Tracking the default route is a good option but it cannot be used in this scenario. There are two routers generating the default route in ospf domain. So if one default route is lost the other will be installed in the routing table. The question clearly states to track vlan 243 so its appropriate to use "ip sla- icmp-echo" to track the vlan 243 svi interface of SW2. Let me know ur inputs. Thanks cciebull
  9. One more config to be added is "pp multilink endpoint hostname" on virtual template. We should not have this commad on Multilink interface. check this out. [Hidden Content]
  10. MHSRP K2+ Group1: SW4 is the master Standby ip :YY.YY.128.196 GROUP2: SW3 is the master standby ip : YY.YY.128.22 How can we have standby ip addresses in different subnets. Is there any issue with the K2+ question? Group1 is fine.. The issue is only with group2 with respect to VLAN234. Thanks in advance cciebull
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