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  1. Thanks for the share. Can you post resource files too please?
  2. Hi, is it just the videos or the resource files? Let me know and I can upload it on Dropbox?
  3. please upload the nugget files too. Thanks
  4. Please upload to Mega or torrent it will be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi, Can someone upload the CCDA Nugget files please? It will be much appreciated . Thanks in advance.
  6. I personally don't put down to the companies but more on trainers. I have used both CBT nuggets and Pluralsight and can safely say that Keith Barker, Jeremy Ciora, Anthony sequeira from CBT Nuggets, Don Jones and Greg Shields (previously of CBT Nuggets) now at Pluralsight. You will notice some of the CBT Nugget trainers have actually jumped to Pluralsight. Not sure if this helps or answers your question but IM me if you need anymore help. Thanks
  7. Please repost ITIL exam [Hidden Content] Thanks THe above link has been deleted.
  8. It''s publicly shared. Click on download Then Free download. Registration is required.
  9. It's in Persian and you need to register. I have posted another link where you can download it. Thanks
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