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  1. @ frienddinesh reschedule or just hit the documentation then. the answers are there ....
  2. possible explanation: it's checking the ip address. If it's not Iranian it will fail. Solution: 1. need a proxy/ vpn in Iran 2. someone will download and put in Mega.
  3. Check on Linkedin. A lot of jobs available everywhere.
  4. Just use the VMware VMUG Advantage to get a 20% discount for exams. A discount code for VMUG: ADV18
  5. Udemy = AcloudGuru is repeating a lot of things. Also, some videos were recorded in 2016/2017 !
  6. kage

    RHCVA exam

    hit the documentation and practice lab them....
  7. please share [Hidden Content] NetApp NS0-506. Thanks !
  8. kage


    @dardanyan better to be a good technical engineer than a "paper" CCIE. The company will pay you more in the end .
  9. @icebreaker101010 Thanks for sharing, the remaining 2 videos have been sync-ed.
  10. unbelievable how many people have stopped sync-ing after they have finished ......
  11. it really depends on what you want: 1. pass the exam --> follow the dump 2. be a true CCIE --> read the documentation, workbooks, have several attempts at the lab, pass the lab (without following the lab dump) ......
  12. incorrect announce registration with the tracker ... you need to reregister the torrent and provide the link again.
  13. @Argentina why you don't want to upload it again? Note: based on narbik site this workbook is not released yet (status: coming soon) ....
  14. and so many people are passing it with/without dumps ....
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