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  1. Hello team, I need to do HA with LACP on palo alto FW running on eve-ng. I could nit see the option to created aggregated ethernet on PA.9.1.2. Any suggestions on which version supports this? cheers
  2. Hi guys, Anyone able to upgrade vbond and vsmart to 18.x/19.x versions? I started the lab from 16.3.2 controllers(vmanage, vbond and vsmart) and 17.2.0 for vedges. After the installation, upgrade of vbond/vsmart to 18.x and 19.x failed. Also, since vedges needed the controllers to be of higher version, i could not upgrade the vedges as well beyond 17.2.8 Has anyone been able to upgrade to latest version 18.x/19.x? I would appreciate any suggestions.
  3. Hi, Anyone able to access the VCO web UI? I created a user-data file with pre-defined super user credentials, but it did not work on VCO UI. How did you get this working...kindly share if you have a working user-data and meta-data files so I can compare with mine. I would really appreciate any help, as I have been battling this for a very long time. Regards.
  4. Dears, Here is my link for VCo and VCE 3.2.2 [hide][Hidden Content]] kindly let me know if you are able to make it work in you lab platform. Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces). Read the Board Rules
  5. Hi, I downloaded the files some months ago. Were you able to access the velocloud orchestrator and gateway? can you share with me those? Will be glad to share with you my the velocloud images in my drive.
  6. Hi, I was unable to login via CLI. How do i access this cloud-init user data file? Do not have access to both CLI and web GUI Any suggestions?
  7. kindly share the silver peak images too.
  8. i need the login username/password for the velocloud 3.2.2 images shared on CC?
  9. Dear Mates, I got the vmware velocloud images from CC forum and was able to deploy them successfuly on qemu kvm. -velocloud orchestreator 3.2.2 -velocloud gateway 3.2.2 -velocloud edge 3.2.2 However, I could not login to the CLI and web GUI of the above VMs. Particularly, the Orchestrator Web UI via google chrome and Firefox. I got login incorrect/failed. I have tried the following login credentials but they failed: [email protected]/vcadm!n [email protected]/vcadm!n Has anyone got these working? I would appreciate any suggestions on how to workaround this and get the velocloud SD-WAN running ASAP. Awaiting any pointers and recommendations. Regards, Certway4life
  10. Thanks for this much-awaited share. Any clues on how to run it on eve-ng or kvm..is there a way to use without commercial license?
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