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Found 114 results

  1. Hy Everyone, I'm looking for latest and reliable dumps for CCNA 200-125 but i'm failed. Can anyone suggest me from where i can get the dumps it will be helpfull for me. Thanks.
  2. Hello people, after so many years of being a member of this community (i've got a different username that i use daily, i'll try to switch to this one as permanent). it's time to give something back, i've started a youtube channel to do CISCO and IT networking trainings as a first time series i've started with CCNA training. this is my channel [Hidden Content] and this is my 1st video i've published please let me know if you think this is a good idea, please let me know if there is something that you don't like or if there is something i should improve or re-upload. Please let me know if there is something that you'd like to see. anyway i hope you guys will like it. cya
  3. Hi, Has any one passed CCNA 200-125 recently? I'm about to give it a try soon and i could use any sort of help or any necessary dumb i could get would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi evryone, I collected better (clearer) copies for this E-books from the net so that everyone benefits. For CompTIA EBooks, you can download from this link: Collection CompTIA EBooks [A+, N+, & Security+] Books List Download E-Books CCNA Ebooks [Hidden Content] CCNP Ebooks [Hidden Content] CCIE Ebooks [Hidden Content] Last update 30/12/2017
  5. Hi guys, Really appreciate if someone provide me official study guide for CCNA & CCNP Collaboration. Thanks
  6. Hi All, I have a offer for you guys I have these two courses and I would like to share both the links with you that is Mega link. However I have a request can someone from you please re upload these courses on mega video by video as these courses are in rar file 4 and 5 GB rar file and I am not a prime mega user and i am not able to download more than 2 gb. Can someone from you download it and than re upload it by putting these videos in a folder so that i can download it in two three days. Please help me I will wait for your replies and than share both the links.
  7. new dump ccna CCNA_200-125_171q_by _PenPineappleApplePen.protected.pdf
  8. Cyber Ops 210-255 latest questions ans answers [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Hi, looking for CCNA DC new Exams, 200-150 DCICN and 200-155 DCICT
  10. CCNA CCNP R&S ALL NEEDED. Including WB - Download and see for obvious reasons. [Hidden Content] Download soon.
  11. Can you please let me know Job sites with Cisco (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE R&S) related vacancies in Arab countries like Dubai, Qatar, etc.? Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi All I urgently need CCNA Security dumps to appear in exam in a couple of weeks, i've checked P4S website and couldn't find any of Cisco product on the website, i've even contacted them and they replied they are not providing cisco products any more, any idea where i can get it or if somebody have the dumps please share. Regards James
  13. [hide] [Hidden Content]] Keith Bogart, CCIE #4923 walks you through the full range of topics on the CCENT ICND1 100-105 exam, including Networking Fundamentals, LAN Switching Fundamentals, Routing Fundamentals, Infrastructure Services and Infrastructure Maintenance. Many of the levels include hands-on lab demonstrations, allowing you to follow along with the material step by step. While you learn about topics on the exam, you will also actively engage with the technology and build your experience base. The course is designed for students who are new to networking as well as students who want to renew their CCENT certifications. The videos contained in this product provide you more than 20 hours of instruction. Course Duration: 22hrs 25min Introduction to Networking Course Introduction 13min Intro to Networking :: The Early Days 17min Intro to Networking :: Physical Components 19min Intro to Networking :: Topology Diagrams 26min Total Duration: 1hrs 16min Network Fundamentals Impact of Infrastructure Components 20min OSI Reference Model :: Part 1 27min OSI Reference Model :: Part 2 45min OSI Reference Model :: Part 3 21min IPv4, UDP & TCP :: Introduction to IPv4 32min IPv4, UDP & TCP :: Communication Types 27min Binary & Decimal 21min IPv4 Address Classes & Masks 30min IPv4 Addresses :: Public, Private & Reserved 22min IPv4 Addressing :: Configuration & Verification 29min IPv4 Subnetting :: Part 1 21min IPv4 Subnetting :: Part 2 11min IPv4 Subnetting :: Part 3 28min IPv4 Subnetting (VLSM) 16min IPv4 Summarization 13min Introduction to IPv6 :: History & Address Representation 33min Introduction to IPv6 :: v4 & v6 Header Comparisons 7min Introduction to IPv6 :: Interface-IDs 31min Introduction to IPv6 :: Address Types 14min Introduction to IPv6 :: IPv6 Neighbor Discovery 22min ARP & The IPv6 Solution :: Solicited Node Multicast 23min Total Duration: 8hrs 23min LAN Switching Fundamentals Ethernet Basics :: Standards Organization & CSMA/CD 22min Ethernet Basics :: Frame Structure & Cabling 33min Introduction to Layer-2 Switching 22min Introduction to Cisco IOS :: Part 1 21min Introduction to Cisco IOS :: Part 2 17min Introduction to Cisco IOS :: Part 3 14min Introduction to Cisco IOS :: Part 4 22min Basic Switch Configuration 25min Cisco Discovery Protocol (CPD) 17min Virtual LANs (VLANs) 27min VLAN Trunks :: Part 1 18min VLAN Trunks :: Part 2 17min Dynamic Trunking Protocol 23min Using Port-Security :: Prevent Unauthorized Network Access 26min Total Duration: 5hrs 9min Routing Fundamentals IP Routing :: What IS Routing 15min IP Routing :: What is the "best" 15min IP Routing :: IGP & EGP 7min IP Routing :: Classifying Dynamic Routing Protocols 30min Static Routing 14min Floating Static Route 15min Inter-VLAN Routing :: Part 1 14min Inter-VLAN Routing :: Part 2 20min Dynamic Routing with RIPv2 :: Part 1 21min Dynamic Routing with RIPv2 :: Part 2 11min Implementing IPv6 15min Total Duration: 3hrs 1min Infrastructure Services IOS Services as a DHCP Server 22min Domain Name Service (DNS) 6min Network Time Protocol (NTP) 16min Access-Lists :: Overview 23min Standard ACLs 29min Extended ACLs 30min Named ACLs 3min Network Address Translation 13min Static NAT 11min Dynamic NAT 21min Port Address Translation (PAT) 19min Total Duration: 3hrs 18min Infrastructure Maintenance Securing the EXEC Process 15min SSH vs Telnet 5min Controlling Telnet & SSH Source Requests 2min Securing the Privileged EXEC Process 6min Cisco IOS Naming Conventions 11min Upgrading Cisco IOS Images 11min MD5 Verify Tool 6min IOS Software Licensing 6min Understanding Syslog 9min Total Duration: 1hrs 15min
  14. Due to lack of online storage space i have uploaded all videos in nitroflare . Please don't ask for torrent Thanks to all contributor of this forum. [Hidden Content]
  15. Hi friends the las DUMPS for Introducing Cisco Voice and Unified Communications Administration EXAM 640-461 [Hidden Content] password: [Hidden Content]
  16. Hello, Please can you share the "CCNA Cloud CLDFND 210-451 Official Cert Guide "
  17. Does anyone offer CCENT vouchers???
  18. Hi Friends, I hope you are doing good!!!! I want to give CCNA Exam. I am almost done with my studies.I need latest Cisco Dumps. Is there someone who can help me??? Please reply ASAP Thanks in advance....
  19. Hi, I need assistance on having a business started in renting racks for Cisco certifications. I am ready to make investment but need to know what all is required to setup rack for cisco certifications. Anyone willing to help please let me know.....or any references or contacts also will work out. Thanking in advance.
  20. Anyone know the lab about Nat and ACL that can fall on CCNA exam ?? To be more specific is the topic about: Implement, verify, and troubleshoot NAT and ACLs in a medium-size Enterprise branch office network. If someone can help me, thank you so much.
  21. the free ccna workbook website was recently updated and they have a cool practice exam. [Hidden Content] I got a 915/1000. they said on his facebook no one has gotten a perfect score yet.
  22. Coming in June, Cisco® is set to announce new (and harder) CCNA requirements. If you’ve been putting off signing up for your CCNA Certification, it’s now time to enroll. Don’t delay taking your CCNA! Cisco® has announced that their new CCNA 5.0 curriculum will continue to focus on routing and switching technologies to help students prepare for entry-level networking careers, and aligns with the Cisco® CCENT and CCNA certifications. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  23. Greetings mates! I would like to ask if who has a copy of CBT Nuggets' GNS3 video led by trainer Keith Barker? Since I don't have actual equipments, i really2x want to learn using GNS3 besides packet tracer. Hoping to get my CCNA next year. Thanks to all and happy sharing! here's the link of CBT Nuggets' GNS3 video series: [Hidden Content]
  24. Hi looking for CCNA consolidated exam voucher.
  25. I downloaded the CBT nuggets videos as well as viewing the online videos from IT university. I also downloaded the CCNA ICND1, ICND2 official Cert guide, 3rd Edition book which is the reason why I am posting this message today. I've been in IT for about 7 years, I know basic networking knowledge. I decided to continue my career by going towards the Cisco route. I am starting off with the CCENT which I need some help. The book I referred to earlier is driving me nutz I thought I understood what was going on with videos, but when I go back to the book I feel like I have a dunce cap on top off my head . Anyway, I am here to seek some help. I want to know more, but I don't think it's sinking in . The videos are great! but after reading through some of these threads, I should also rely on the books as well. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe a study group I'm located in the NYC area. Thanks Again
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