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Found 10,000 results

  1. Udemy - Learn Tableau Desktop earn up to USD$100,000 a year! English | aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | h264, yuv420p, 1274x720, 30.03 fps| 568 Mb Genre: eLearning This course will give you the skills you need to jump straight in to using Tableau Desktop in your business. Presented in a business context and working step-by-step through an instructor-led case study, this course goes beyond simply teaching the functions of Tableau Desktop. This course uses real-world business problems to give you 10 core skills that business users should have when using Tableau Desktop. The 10 Tableau Desktop core skills covered by this course are: Bar & Line Charts Pie Charts Geographic Maps Scatter Plots Groups Area Charts Filters Dual Axis Charts Crosstabs and calculations Actions An additional "Bonus Round" provides some more advanced skill development in formatting data, blending data, creating custom design elements and using responsive dashboard elements to build more sophisticated dashboards. In addition to the video lectures and supporting notes, you will receive a range of workbooks and additional tools that you can use again and again. These tools and templates have been developed and tested over many years of consulting to organisations of all sizes using Tableau Desktop. DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. Great video about Active Directory practices [Hidden Content]
  3. Ancap13


    [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. conductor-xc4_0_0.ova s42800xc4_0_0.tar.gz [Hidden Content] Cisco_ts_VirtualMachine_4.2_4.18.ova Cisco_ts_VirtualMachine_4.2_4.18.gz [Hidden Content] Cisco_ts_VirtualMachine_4.2_4.23.ova Cisco_ts_VirtualMachine_4.2_4.23.gz [Hidden Content] s42700x8_6_1.ova s42700x8_6_1.tar.gz [Hidden Content]
  5. ITPro TV - Nmap English | Size: 8 GB Category: Video Training In this series we will be covering the use of network mapper utility aptly called Nmap. This series aims to give the viewer a firm grasp of the concepts and applications inherent to Nmap, such as Host Discovery, Port Scanning, Service/OS/Version Detection, and the Nmap Scripting Engine(NSE) for the purposes of security and general network administration.<!--more--> Buy Long-term Premium Accounts To Support Me & Max Speed DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  6. ITPro TV - Wireshark English | Size: 2 GB Category: Video Training Wireshark is a free and open source network packet sniffer and protocol analyzer. It is an invaluable tool for any network administrator who needs detailed visibility into the traffic on their network. It utilizes a packet capture utility or sniffer, which watches any traffic/communication that crosses the network adapter and writes it to a file and then the protocol analyzer interprets the raw data obtained by the sniffer and turns it into readable data. It also provides in-depth tools for isolating faults and troubleshooting failures.<!--more--> DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  7. Juniper MX Series 2nd Edition Good book for JNCIS-SP JNCIP-SP JNCIE-SP preparation [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Course Duration: 13 Hours and 54 Minutes. [Hidden Content] 13.8 GB. Please Import then Download. [Hidden Content] Credits to Fastsalim for the rapidgator links.
  9. elearnsecurity WAPTv3 PTPv5 later WAPTv3.torrent
  10. Real-World Bug Hunting: A Field Guide to Web Hacking [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. The Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) v1.0 course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to configure, troubleshoot, and manage enterprise wired and wireless networks. You’ll also learn to implement security principles within an enterprise network and how to overlay network design by using solutions such as SD-Access and SD-WAN. These are just videos which Cisco is providing as study material... many topics have not been covered in these videos.Those are just writeups and will be uploaded later. Labs & Writeup's are not covered in below mega link. import then download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Hi Guys, Find the below link to download "Junos Automation Cookbook" [hide] [Hidden Content]] Good Luck, - Allen Baker
  13. OSCP PDF only [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. Epub | Mastering VMware Horizon 7.8 | 104 MB [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. PMI-ACP®: Agile Development, Quality, and Testing Practices (6 of 11) MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1.5 Hours | 159 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English This course will provide an in-depth understanding of Agile development practices, as well as quality and testing processes. This course is part of the PMI-ACP® Agile Project Management series. Are you looking to further develop your Agile Project Management background to help you lead your team and project(s) with greater efficiency and effectiveness? In this course, PMI-ACP®: Agile Development, Quality, and Testing Practices, you will take the next step in becoming an Agile Project Manager who assumes a strong, cross-functional leadership role in these functions. First, you will learn about Agile development practices and what's different about Agile development. Next, you'll dive into Agile architecture and prototyping methods and techniques for product feedback. Finally, you will delve into Agile quality management and testing practices. When you are finished with this course, you will have an in-depth understanding of Agile development practices, along with quality and testing processes to utilize on your own projects. This course is part of the PMI-ACP® Agile Project Management series. [Hidden Content]
  16. Many of these courses had been shared here in certcollection by our generous members. Credit to them. Download what you don't have. If you want updated and new courses, do consider buying subscription at www.pentesteracademy.com/. I think Vivek and SecurityTube are making great contribution in the field of infosec education. He deserves some of your love ($) Do visit www.securitytube.net/ for some FREE infosec video courses and other awesome videos. Happy Learning. dead link removed Mega fans, Import it to your mega account. Like, Share & Subscribe. [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] MIRROR. Thanks to lalamakerg post #43. 1st Link updated. Courtesy: jacky223 Kindly import to your mega and re-share when link goes down.
  17. [Hidden Content] Import then Download [hide][Hidden Content]] Stay Home.. Stay Safe
  18. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. I have not noticed before the vSR image I downloaded from Internet had a wildcard 13.0.* license: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 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 # ALCATEL-LUCENT 7750 SROS-vSIM(TiMOS-[bC]-13.0.*) So you can run any 13.0 vSR without rebooting by tricking EVE to start qemu on Mar 7th, 2015. The following is the show license output: A:vRR# show system license =============================================================================== Current License =============================================================================== License status : monitoring, valid license record Time remaining : 153 days ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- License name : ALCATEL-LUCENT 7750 SROS-vSIM License uuid : 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 License desc : License prod : Virtual-SIM License sros : TiMOS-[bC]-13.0.* Current date : WED APR 01 00:01:42 UTC 2015 Issue date : FRI MAR 06 08:57:58 UTC 2015 Start date : n/a End date : MON AUG 31 23:59:59 UTC 2015 I've managed to trick vSR qemu VM by changing the file /opt/unetlab/html/includes/__lab.php portion: if ( $n['template'] == "timos" ) { if (isset($node -> attributes() -> timos_line)) { #TimosLine $n['timos_line'] = (string) $node -> attributes() -> timos_line; } else { $n['timos_line'] = "TIMOS:slot=1 chassis=SR-12 card=iom-xp mcm/1=mcm-xp mda/1=m10-1gb-sfp-b5"; } if (isset($node -> attributes() -> management_address)) { #management_address $n['management_address'] = (string) $node -> attributes() -> management_address; } if (isset($node -> attributes() -> timos_license)) { #management_address $n['timos_license'] = (string) $node -> attributes() -> timos_license; } if (!isset($node -> attributes() -> qemu_options)) { #TimosLine $n['qemu_options'] = ' -machine type=pc,accel=kvm -enable-kvm -serial mon:stdio -nographic -nodefconfig -nodefaults -rtc base=2015-03-10'; } } If you have a better way to do that, please let me know because the above change is lost every time EVE is updated.
  20. Citrix 1Y0-240 Premium dump Be aware - many wrong answers. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  21. Total of 155 Information and Cyber Security Courses by Pluralsight. [61GB] Courses included are: Advanced Malware Analysis - Combating Exploit Kits Advanced Persistent Threats - The Big Picture Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing with Burp Suite ASP.NET Security Secrets Revealed Assessing and Mitigating Security Risks Auditing AWS Environments for Security and Best Practices Check Point Certified Security Administrator - Backup and Updating Check Point Certified Security Administrator - Install & Deploy CISSP - Asset Security CISSP - Communications and Network Security CISSP - Identity and Access Management CISSP - Security and Risk Management CISSP - Security Assessment and Testing CISSP - Security Engineering CISSP - Security Operations CISSP - Software Development Security Claims-based Identity for Windows - The Big Picture CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) Access Control and Identity Management CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) Application, Data, and Host Security CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) Compliance and Operational Security CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) Cryptography CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) Network Security CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) Threats and Vulnerabilities Computing, Communication, and Business Integration for CASP (CAS-002) Conducting Network Vulnerability Analysis Cryptography - The Big Picture Cryptography Fundamentals for Developers and Security Professionals CSSLPr - Secure Software Concepts CSSLPr - Secure Software Requirements Cybersecurity Threats - Ransomware Designing and Implementing Security Policies Digital Forensics - Getting Started with File Systems Digital Forensics Tools in Kali Linux - Imaging and Hashing Enterprise Security - Policies, Practices, and Procedures Enterprise Security for CASP (CAS-002) Enterprise Strength Mobile Device Security Ethical Hacking - Buffer Overflow Ethical Hacking - Cloud Computing Ethical Hacking - Cryptography Ethical Hacking - Denial of Service Ethical Hacking - Enumeration Ethical Hacking - Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots Ethical Hacking - Hacking Mobile Platforms Ethical Hacking - Hacking Web Applications Ethical Hacking - Hacking Web Servers Ethical Hacking - Hacking Wireless Networks Ethical Hacking - Malware Threats Ethical Hacking - Penetration Testing Ethical Hacking - Reconnaissance_Footprinting Ethical Hacking - Scanning Networks Ethical Hacking - Session Hijacking Ethical Hacking - Sniffing Ethical Hacking - Social Engineering Ethical Hacking - SQL Injection Ethical Hacking - System Hacking Ethical Hacking - Understanding Ethical Hacking Exploit Development and Execution with the Metasploit Framework Exploitation - Evading Detection and Bypassing Countermeasures External Footprinting - Reconnaissance and Mapping Getting Started Analyzing Malware Infections Getting Started with CloudFlareT Security Getting Started with OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) for Web Application Penetration Testing Hack Your API First Hack Yourself First - How to go on the Cyber-Offense Hands-On Incident Response Fundamentals How to Stop Man-in-the-Middle and Downgrade Attacks in Your Apps Implementing a Security Assessment and Authorization Process Implementing Physical Security Information Security Manager - Information Security Governance Information Systems Auditing - The Big Picture Information Systems Auditor - Acquisition and Development Information Systems Auditor - Governance and Management Information Systems Auditor - Operations, Maintenance, and Service Information Systems Auditor - Protection of Information Assets Information Systems Auditor - The Process of Auditing Introduction to Browser Security Headers Introduction to Penetration Testing Using Metasploit ISO_IEC 27001 Information Security - The Big Picture Malware Analysis - The Big Picture Malware Analysis Fundamentals Managing Information Security Incidents (ISO_IEC 27002) Managing Information Security Threats & Risks (ISO_IEC 27002) Metasploit Basics for Protecting SharePoint Network Fundamentals and Protocols Network Penetration Testing Using Python and Kali Linux Network Security Testing With NMAP Network Vulnerability Scanning with OpenVAS OPSEC for Penetration Testers OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks for ASP.NET Payment Card Security, Processing, and the PCI Standards PCI DSS - The Big Picture Penetration Testing - Setting the Scope and Rules of Engagement Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux Penetration Testing Automation Using Python and Kali Linux Penetration Testing Life Cycle Explained Penetration Testing OSINT Gathering with Recon-ng Penetration Testing SharePoint Performing and Analyzing Network Reconnaissance Performing OSINT Gathering on Corporate Targets Play by Play - Ethical Hacking - Deconstructing the Hack Play by Play - Ethical Hacking with Troy Hunt Play by Play - Exploring the Internet of Vulnerabilities Play by Play - Social Engineering with Troy Hunt and Lars Klint Play by Play - Website Security Review with Troy Hunt and Lars Klint Pluralsight - Cybersecurity Threats Insider Threats Pluralsight - Information Systems Auditor Path Pluralsight - Troubleshooting Processes and Registry with Sysinternals Process Monitor Post Exploitation - Performing Infrastructure Analysis Research and Analysis for CASP (CAS-002) Risk Management Risk Management and Incident Response for CASP (CAS-002) Risk Management and Information Systems Control - Introduction to Risk Risk Management and Information Systems Control - IT Risk Assessment Risk Management and Information Systems Control - Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting Risk Management and Information Systems Control - Risk Identification Risk Management and Information Systems Control - Risk Response and Mitigation Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Threats Secure Account Management Fundamentals Securing Your Node.js Web App Security for Hackers and Developers - Code Auditing Security for Hackers and Developers - Fuzzing Security for Hackers and Developers - Overview Security for Hackers and Developers - Reverse Engineering Security Management - The Big Picture SSCP - Access Controls SSCP - Cryptography SSCP - Incident Response and Recovery SSCP - Introduction and the Exam Requirements SSCP - Network and Communications Security SSCP - Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis SSCP - Security Operations and Administration SSCP - Systems and Application Security Technical Integration of Enterprise Components for CASP (CAS-002) The Information Security Big Picture The Issues of Identity and Access Management (IAM) Threat Intelligence - The Big Picture Threat Modeling - The Big Picture Threat Modeling Fundamentals Understanding the Java Virtual Machine - Security Understanding the Shellshock Bash Bug USB Forensics - Duplication USB Forensics - Fundamentals USB Forensics - Writeblocking and Impersonation Web App Hacking - Caching Problems Web App Hacking - Cookie Attacks Web App Hacking - Hacking Authentication Web App Hacking - Hacking Password Reset Functionality Web App Hacking - Sensitive Data Exposure Web Application Penetration Testing Fundamentals Web Application Penetration Testing with Burp Suite Web Security and the OWASP Top 10 - The Big Picture What's New in the OWASP Top 10 for 2013 Windows - How It's Hacked, How to Protect It Wireless Network Penetration Testing Wireless Network Penetration Testing Advanced Technique [Hidden Content] Mega fans, Import it to your mega account as there will be no re-up. Like, Share & Subscribe. MIRROR. Thanks to jacky223 post #26 [Hidden Content]
  22. Sharing 3 Hacking9 Courses: - Exploit Pack Development - API Hacking (Offensive and Defensive) - Ethical Hacking Course [hide][Hidden Content]]
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