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Found 10,000 results

  1. CBT Nuggets Palo Alto Basic Configuration Keith Barker covers the setup and basic configuration of the Palo Alto Networks Firewall, including interfaces, zones, and many details about security policies. Keith focuses on understanding the concepts, being familiar with best practices, and knowing appropriate information to enable you to work toward the Palo Alto Networks ACE or PCNSE exams. Palo Alto Networks is an up-and-coming locator in the network security arena, featuring a great next-generation firewall. This vendor is cropping up in more and more areas, so make sure you are on top of your network security game, and know the details of installation and configuration! Stepping through the concepts and necessary configuration details, new or seasoned engineers will be able to take the information learned and be able to comfortably implement a Palo Alto Firewall into their network. The concepts and techniques taught in this course apply to both physical and virtual firewalls. Thanks to @KhaledIT [hide][Hidden Content]] CBT Nuggets Palo Alto Advanced Features This training course with Keith Barker will teach you how to use advanced features on a Palo Alto next-generation firewall. Learn about App-ID, URL filtering, antivirus, SSL decryption, User-ID, and more. Thanks to @ukirukuk [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. eLearnSecurity Practical Web Defense | 4.21 GB | 25 hours eLearnSecurity Penetration Tester eXtreme | 975 MB | 3 Hours eLearnSecurity Threat Hunting Professional | 1.54 GB | 9 Hours [hide] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
  3. Offensive Internet of Things (IoT) Exploitation English | Size: 5.02 GB Genre: eLearning <!--more--> Offensive Internet of Things (IoT) Exploitation is an in-depth course in IoT security and teaches you how to pentest and exploit the so-called "smart" devices. This online class is taught using practical, real world examples on how to to analyze and pentest hardware, firmware, software components, network communication, mobile apps used to control devices and their radio communication protocols. IoT is one of the hottest trends in technology right now! There seems to be an arms race between both consumer and industrial vendors to connect almost everything to the Internet - your fridge, thermostat, coffee machine, watch, shoes, dog's collar and toaster are all included! This new frenzy to connect "everything" to the Internet is here to stay and we are already seeing millions of these "smart" devices in homes, offices and public areas. During the previous "Mobile Application" age, security took a backseat and almost every other app was insecure to the most basic and embarrassing of vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, to our horror, this golden age of "IoT - smart devices" is no different! The key challenge in learning how to pentest and secure IoT devices is understanding the complex interaction between hardware and firmware. This includes being able to find debug ports to connect to or even having the ability to read/write directly to a chip! This course will take you through this complex yet extremely interesting and exciting journey. This course is beginner friendly and starts from the very basics of IoT devices and their security - how to get started? Hardware? Software? Tools? Techniques? Will all be answered. This training is ideal for penetration testers, security engineers, managers, bug bounty hunters and anyone interested in uncovering how "smart" these devices really are Smiliey A non-exhaustive list of topics to be covered include: Introduction to Offensive IoT Exploitation Mapping attack surface of an IoT device Firmware analysis - identifying hardcoded secrets Emulating firmware binary Backdooring a firmware Firmware emulation using FAT Web application security for IoT devices Burp 101 Exploiting command injection CSRF and firmware diffing Conventional attack vectors - Password cracking Conventional attack vectors intro Analyzing smart plugs Controlling smart plug by defeating encryption ARM 101 Buffer overflow on ARM Exploit writing on ARM Using radare2 for MIPS binary analysis Exploitation using GDB remote debugging on MIPS Introduction to UART Serial interfacing over UART NAND Glitching attack SPI and I2c - Getting started Dumping EEPROM data Identifying JTAG pinouts using Arduino Identifying pins using JTAGulator JTAG - Introduction and Getting started JTAG debugging Introduction to SDR and basic radio components Getting started with GNU Radio companion Decoding an AM signal Capturing FM signals using RTL-SDR Analyzing wireless doorbells using RTL-SDR Sensitive information extraction from Signal Introduction to Zigbee Sniffing and replaying data using Zigbee Conclusion [Hidden Content]
  4. (Thanks to original designer of this topology which I believe has been shared around here already) Basic Instructions: Start up configurations included for all the devices which come pre-configured in real lab exam. Topology is using 4 physical interfaces of EVE-NG Server (Bare Metal) bound to Cloud Interfaces for interconnecting nodes but these cloud interfaces can be updated based on user EVE-NG environment setup. Tip: If you know EVE-NG good enough, this all can be managed even with 2 Interfaces. Topology is connecting to Physical Switch through one of the physical interfaces on EVE-NG server which can also be updated to use only virtual switches (vIOS,IOL) as they can provide all the features required (atleast as far as Lab Dumps are concerned) minus physical IP Phone (Voice VLAN limitation on virtual Switches) + Access Point (for obvious reason). To represent servers (loopbacks on routers), I used text based images which are just cosmetic stuff and can be removed (too lazy to update those ) Most Importantly: Just use your head! For more instructions regarding cloud networks management in EVE-NG, refer official cookbooks: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] LAB Topology FILE: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. LAB Guide for Cisco SD-WAN security topics like ZBFW, IPS, URL Filter, AMP, SSL Proxy etc. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. I am sharing IOT BlackHat 2020 training. I am not leaking it. LOL. Its already shared on some forums by a guy named "Alure" Import it in mega. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Hi to all This is WLC Basic and advance Labminutes Magnet Link. I have started to seed it and please help me to seed it . WLC Basic [Hidden Content] WLC Advance [Hidden Content]
  8. Download BigBountyRecon tool now released (credit to @infosec ) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Hello, Here is the Cert Guide + a dump of 93 Questions + 5 DnD : - MCQ + DnD : [hide][Hidden Content]] - cert guide : [hide][Hidden Content]] Please use last version of the dump file - other versions are here if you want to check the previous answer. Dump Valid on the 8th January 2021 (passed with 9xx) We've tried with several people from the forum to get correct answers on the Questions + the reference so if you want to help... i've made a new thread so it will be easier to use only the ge.tt link and to post the updated pdf in it. => If you've passed the exam with the dump - please reply to this thread with your feedback Thanks, Mardouk
  10. Luckily today, I passed DCCOR 350-601 with 835/1000 . I would like to share some experiences: 1- Read Cisco official document/Video like INE, Pearson and practice some labs with Sandbox. 2- Find and download dump: examtopics.com (102 questions with explanation) and Examtorrent.com V14.35 (155 questions) that included 102 questions of examtopics. 3- Review and correct the answers within above dumps . You can search the explanation in Cisco website to find out the answer is correct or wrong. 4- During examination: total 105 questions with 140 minutes, 825/1000 is pass score. I got 75 questions from V14.35 and 30 new questions. 5- The new 30 questions asked related to: Roles and permission in UCS Manager; which type of backup (full state, system configuration, logical configuration, all configuration); EPGs with contract; Select automation tools; Share dump with my answers:[hide] [Hidden Content]]
  11. Udemy Cisco CCNA 200-301 Full Course with Practical LABS Udemy Link Here
  12. Huawei | FREE Training and Certifications $200 and more... [Hidden Content] 1-Online Self Study 2-Exam Preparation Webinars 3-Take Pre-test Exams 4-Book Online Huawei Certification Exam (HCIA level, value $200) You need to pass a pre-tes to be eligible for booking a Huawei Certtification Exam at Pearson VUE test Centres. You get 3 attempts to pass the Pre-test with a score of 60+ points. Take a screenshot of your pass mark results and send an email to ([email protected]) to apply for the exam Voucher. You wil be able to take the exam from home. Enjoy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7Core: Don't use black background !!!
  13. [hide][Hidden Content]] FileName : DNAC-SW- Size : 23008.35 MB ( 24126003200 bytes) MD5 Checksum : 14165c90b8ad33c17522ada558ea2158 SHA512 Checksum : eaa484793742be320f41d175c12f2af5c719a47dcad15d34fb05643224a52fac60d5362e0019be7b5f21862ecf2b90f05d92736cb3eeecc976c233dd8b75faee
  14. SANS - SEC560 V2018 video, pdf, usb [Hidden Content]
  15. Here is a Mega Link for azure-security-engineer-associate-az-500 these are just the videos and any notes [Hide][Hidden Content]]
  16. [Hidden Content] password:technet24.ir Video Details Price: £122.40 By: Jason Dion Publisher: Packt Publishing Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 ISBN: 139781838646783 Course Length: 5 hours 50 minutes Table of Contents Introduction Service Management Four Dimensions of Service Management Service Value System Guiding Principles Service Value Chain Continual Improvement General Management Practices Service Management Practices Technical Management Practices Conclusion Video Description This course covers the ITIL® 4 Foundation exam (brand new in February 2019) which is the entry-level certification in the ITIL framework and offers an exceptional overview of ITIL. By obtaining your ITIL® 4 Foundation certification, you are showing employers that you understand the key elements, concepts, and terminology used in ITIL, including how operations move between each activity and process to create value in the service value system, and their overall contribution to the service management best practices. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework has become the standard in IT Service Management across the globe. ITIL helps all organizations, regardless of their industry or business sector, provide their IT services using the most efficient and economical methods. The framework focuses on IT Service Management best practices and efficient operations, and is used in government, commercial, and non-profit organizations, alike. The ITIL® course on this page is offered by Dion Training Solutions, LLC, and an ATO of AXELOS Limited. ITIL, ITIL Foundation, and the Swirl logo are registered trademarks of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. All the caption files and supporting files for this course are available at: [Hidden Content] Style and Approach This course is a complete textbook replacement and covers the entire ITIL ® 4 Foundation exam objectives in-depth. Additionally, this course comes with two complete practice exams that simulate the type of questions you will receive on the ITIL® 4 Foundation exam. What You Will Learn Passing the ITIL® 4 Foundation exam Getting ITIL® 4 Foundation certified Describing the ITIL framework Understanding real-world examples Applying ITIL® 4 to your organization Discuss ITIL® 4 concepts with confidence
  17. Ends in two days [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. Expires in two days [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. Latest AZ-900 dump, valid as of June 2020 (new version after recent changes to exam format) [Hidden Content] Enjoy and good luck, DM
  20. Hurry up ! It expires in just one day [hide][Hidden Content]]
  21. guys here is dump for spcor 350-501 [hide][Hidden Content]] i did not give this exam. dont know this is stable or not. it is paid dump so should be stable. sharing with you all. enjoy
  22. CCNP Collaboration Call Control and Mobility CLACCM 300-815 Official Cert Guide PDF version Kyzer Davis, CCIE No. 54735 Paul Giralt, CCIE No. 4793 Patrick Kinane, CCIE No. 58284 Gonzalo Salgueiro, CCIE No. 4541 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  23. **added 502 2010 books (thanks Billy) SANS Security Collection all the Sans Sec ive manged to download & collect thus far, did the Sans Sec major collection torrent back in 2013 which did not work, due to an attack on my seed box, so this is the 2nd release this time to mega, Please create an free mega account, and copy theses to it, help keep this collection up on the net. If you have any of the other course, be they videos or audio or books, please share them, so i can add to this collection. A BIG THANK YOU to the various kind souls out there that originally uploaded theses, Notes the whole collection thus far is around 65gb, (still have to add 508 57gb torrent which am busy getting that could take forever at the current speed its going at 4kb) SANS SECURITY SEC504/SEC517/SEC560**/SEC580 (v3Q2012) **is where its located This is the DVD image, same one used for all the above courses. **Index List needs a update, will do it in the next few days SANSSec351 Computer & Network Security Awareness.............................................Audio.xxxxxxxxxxxx..|..Vid.1:41hr..|..PDF.xxxx...|..Iso.xxxxxxxxx SANSSec401 (GSEC) Security Essentials Bootcamp Style..........................................Audio.????.35:15hr..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2003...|..Iso.xxxxxxxxx SANSSec502 Perimeter Protection In-Depth (GCFW).................................................Audio.2007.27:47hr..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2010...|..Iso.CD1.280mb CD2.969mb SANSSec503 Intrusion Detection In-Depth (GCIA).....................................................Audio.xxxxxxxxxxxx..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2003...|..Iso.xxxxxxxxx SANSSec504 Hacker Techniques Exploits & Incident Handling (GCIH).........................Audio.????.29:45hr..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2010...|..Iso.***see560 SANSSec505 Securing Windows & Resisting Malware (GCWN)...................................Audio.2010.36:13hr..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2010...|..Iso.CD1.318mb SANSSec531 Windows Command Line Kung Fu in Depth for Security Pros...................Audio.2009.04:05hr..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2009...|..Iso.xxxxxxxxx SANSSec542 Web App Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking (GWAPT)......................Audio.2011.18:44hr..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2010...|..Iso.xxxxxxxxx SANSSec560 Network Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking (GPEN)..........................Audio.2008.22:00hr..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2009+12|..Iso.DVD1.2.81gb SANSSec580 Metasploit Kung Fu for Enterprise Pen Testing.......................................Audio.xxxxxxxxxxxx..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2011...|..Iso.***see560 SANSSec617 Wireless Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing & Defenses (GAWN)..........Audio.????.21:46hr..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2007+10|..Iso.xxxxxxxxx SANSSec660 Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploits & Ethical Hacking (GXPN)............Audio.xxxxxxxxxxxx..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2012...|..Iso.xxxxxxxxx SANSSec710 Advanced Exploit Development..............................................................Audio.xxxxxxxxxxxx..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2011...|..Iso.xxxxxxxxx SANS Management 512 Security Leadership Essentials for Managers with Knowledge Compression (GSLC).Audio.2011.26:35hr..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.xxxx..|..Iso.xxxxxxxxx SANS Audit 507 (GSNA) Auditing Networks, Perimeters & Systems................................Audio.xxxxxxxxxxxx..|..Vid.2007....|..PDF.2008..|..Iso.xxxxxxxxx SANS Forensics 408 (GCFE) Computer Forensic Investigations - Windows In-Depth........Audio.xxxxxxxxxxxx..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.......|..Iso.DVD1.5.83GB + DVD2.696mb SANS Forensics 508 Computer Forensics, Investigation & Response (GCFA)..................Audio.2009.29:36hr..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2008..|..Iso.DVD1.3.8GB SANS Forensics 610 Reverse-Engineering Malware; Malware Analysis Tools & Techniques (GREM)........Audio.2010.21:23hr..|..Vid.xxxxxx..|..PDF.2010..|..Iso.DVD1.6.05GB Also note still uploading some of the courses, should be done within the next two days..... [Hidden Content] SANS Audit 507 Auditing Networks, Perimeters & Systems (GSNA) [Hidden Content] SANS Forensics 408 Computer Forensic Investigations - Windows In-Depth (GCFE) [Hidden Content] SANS Forensics 508 Computer Forensics, Investigation & Response (GCFA) [Hidden Content] SANS Forensics 610 Reverse-Engineering Malware; Malware Analysis Tools & Techniques (GREM) [Hidden Content] SANS Management 414 +S Training Program for the CISSP Certification Exam [Hidden Content] SANS Management 512 Security Leadership Essentials for Managers with Knowledge Compression (GSLC) [Hidden Content] SANS Security 351 Computer & Network Security Awareness [Hidden Content] SANS Security 401 Security Essentials Bootcamp Style (GSEC) [Hidden Content] SANS Security 501 Avanced Security Essentials - Enterprise Defender [Hidden Content] SANS Security 502 Perimeter Protection In-Depth (GCFW) [Hidden Content] SANS Security 503 Intrusion Detection In-Depth (GCIA) [Hidden Content] SANS Security 504 Hacker Techniques Exploits & Incident Handling (GCIH) [Hidden Content] SANS Security 505 Securing Windows & Resisting Malware (GCWN) [Hidden Content] SANS Security 506 Securing Unix-Linux [Hidden Content] SANS Security 509 Securing Oracle Database [Hidden Content] SANS Security 517 Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques [Hidden Content] SANS Security 531 Windows Command Line Kung Fu in Depth for Security Pros [Hidden Content] SANS Security 542 Web App Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking (GWAPT) [Hidden Content] SANS Security 560 Network Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking (GPEN) [Hidden Content] SANS Security 580 Metasploit Kung Fu for Enterprise Pen Testing [Hidden Content] SANS Security 617 Wireless Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing & Defenses (GAWN) [Hidden Content] SANS Security 660 Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploits & Ethical Hacking (GXPN) [Hidden Content] SANS Security 710 Advanced Exploit Development [Hidden Content] Enjoy.
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