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Found 172 results

  1. Hi Mates, Is there any study group currently preparing for CCIE ENCOR? and does that group have any position available? I am interested to join them. Thanks. Mod note (mavis): Contact topic starter via PM to join the "study group"
  2. Hello i would like to create study group of CCIE R&S Lab for NOV/DEC . Any one who already passed written can ping me . will create skypegroup and share our solutions . Currently i am in Saudi Arabia -Dammam ,anyone interested can join me for practicing .. Thanks
  3. Hello Experts, I am constantly seeking here daily for those who sit CCIE R&S Lab exam and so far no one pass yet? I wonder how many of us already faced new CONFIG in EXAM including me. Please share your experience passed or failed with which section you were unable to make it if you don't mind. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys. Does any one have the "CCIE Routing & Switching Written v5.1" video courses to share please? [Hidden Content]
  5. Hi Folks, I intend to sit my CCIE R&S lab in coming months. Looking for seat availability and found out Bangalore has many free seats than other locations. I would like to know about Bangalore Lab Exam Center and Proctor there. Many seats free there because of bad reviews and complaints? May I know your feedback of Bangalore Lab Exam Center experience. Thanks.
  6. Dear CCIE R&S Lab Takers, I failed today. Faced TS1 , Diag H2 and Config New "H3". H3 question so many tasks to do. Security Session asked SW111 to filer unauthorized RA. IPv6 session asked IPv6 DHCP Server on SW111 and Server 1 to be client. BGP IPv6 has asked to filter only default router in and not other prefixed to sent out from R14 and R15. DC1 IPv6 prefixes need to see by R14 and R15 as iBGP. R14, R51 and R60 to run DMVPN over BGP. R24 is to established IPsec VPN when R71 start make connection. QoS session to configure Traffic Shaping and Queuing for 4 class type, Voice, Video, Signaling and Normal Traffic. Asked SNMP v2c to configure with exclude of dot1qMIB. R14, R15, R24, R25, R61 had to configure for Internet Access. All Remote Sites prefixes must see by Partner Network Router 100 as OSPF E2. I've spent full time and only got 50% on L2 and 7% on Layer 3. The rest 0%. Thanks.
  7. Guys This Group is closed now... I am not sure how to delete this topic, so please don't follow this topic. Sorry for the trouble.
  8. hey guys i am willing to take the lab exam in December 2017 and for the one who will do the same , i have created a group on Skype to discuss what ever related to the exam if you interested let me add you there .. the session will start tomorrow 25-9-2017 GMT ( UTC ) : 21:00 good luck every one
  9. HELLO GUYS i noticed a strange behavior while i am lab up the h2+ scenario the prefix should be coming from the R57 and redistributed into the eigrp with a metric higher than the one that coming through R55 AND R56 so the SW10 can go to any prefix other than through the MPLS core network but here is the thing when you restart the topology SW10 , R55 AND R56 INSTALLING pointing out to R57 till to reboot the router or kill the bgp between R18 and R57 the crazy thing is R55 AND R56 install the route via R57 with AD 170 EX EIGRP despite that they recevie the same route via EBGP with AD 20 so anyone see this or just me ? and is there any chance that it could be a bug or any thing else
  10. Friends, the group for guys who passed the written exam and now prepare for the LAB, Pls send me the phone number in private message and i will add you to the group. max
  11. Dear All, I was sat CCIE Lab Exam on yesterday and got "Pass Pass Pass but Fail" Even I did very well and confident I will pass but I am not too sure why I still fail. Kindly reviews my feedback and advice me on "Should I raise to re-read?" or "Just try re-attempt!". I posted about this first time here [Hidden Content] and it was not complete just because of I was shocked. Sorry to repost it again. TSHOOT - TS2 =================================================================== Ticket 1 - added vlan access-map ATTACK 22 and action forward on SW400 and SW401 - no passive-interface vlan 2000 and vlan 2001 on SW400 - change dhcp lease 0 2 to lease infinite on R40 (ping and trace to from user4) Ticket 2 - next-hop-self is missing on both R14 and R15. Added. - vlan 2001 interface is not in ospf on SW111 and added. (ping and trace to from server 1) Ticket 3 - change acl from 10.2. to 10.1 on both R12 and R13. - edit lo0 ospf configuration from ospf process 10 to 1 on R22. - changed ospf cost value 1 to 10 on SW110 int e1/1. (trace to and from SW110) (trace to and from SW220) Ticket 4 - same local preference 100 has been applied on both R20 and R21. Change to 1000 on R21 and works. (Trace to do from Server 2 to Large Office and from R41 to DC2.) Ticket 5 - added "ip ospf network point-to-point" in tun 0 on R60 and solved. (Output to match is to see ospf routes and on R60) Ticket 6 - Server 1 unable to ping 2001:CC1E:BEEF:9:8:8:8:8. Added Server 1 ipv6 interface network range (not just interface ipv6 ip) on under R15 bgp ipv6 address family and solve. Ticket 7 - Lo0 is not in ospf process on R2 and R3 interface e0/1 has no mpls ip enabled. Fixed these two faults and issues was resolve. (Asked to Trace from Server 2 and Trace from R50) Ticket 8 - added ip dhcp snooping information option on SW310. - added "ip dhcp relay information trusted" in vlan 2000 interface on SW300 and SW301. - Remove passive-interface vlan 2000 and vlan 2001 on SW300 and SW301. - change dhcp lease 0 2 to lease infinite on R30. (Asked to ping and trace to R30 from user3) Ticket 9 - tunnel key value has mis-matched on R71 and changed to match with R24 and solve. (Asked to telnet from user7) Ticket 10 - added "ip nat outside source static" on both R24 and R25 and solved. (Asked to telnet from NAS). DIAG H3+ ===================== Ticket 1 Question 1 -Frame number 133. (used "bootp" filter in CloudShark and choose the first frame which has DHCP discovery source , destination Question 2 - Device is SW1 - Command is show ip dhcp relay information trusted Question 3 - Packet to capture is in between SW1 and SW3 Ticket 2 Attacker is and Router/Server is Question 1 - Choose 4 correct options Question 2 - Choose "e sudo poweroff" Question 3 - Choose "tclsh [Hidden Content] CONFIG H2 ============================== VTP are all pre-configured. (SW3- VTP Server, the SW4,SW5 and SW6 are VTP-Client, VTP version 2, VTP domain "Jamesons" and vtp password "CCIE" were pre-configured.) Access ports already pre-configured on all Switches. VLAN 100 and 101 are already pre-configured on SW1, SW2, SW10 and SW11. EIGRP are already pre-configured on SW10 and SW11. Uni-directional Redistribution has been pre-configured on R55 and R56. But in Pre-merge Diagram, it was mentioned and needed bi-directional redistribution on R55 and R56 (EIGRP < > BGP). Uni-directional redistribution has been pre-configured on R58 (EIGRP > BGP) RD and Route-Target values are pre-configured wrongly on R51 and need to correct. All Questions are same as what we practicing but below some were I confuse and did wrong. First, outputs were asked to match on R9 and R10 in exam like below, R9# sh ip route Routing entry for Known via "eigrp 1", distance 170, metric 1536640 Tag, type external Redistributing via ospf 1, eigrp 1 Advertised by ospf 1 subnets Last update from on Ethernet0/1, 02:12:45 ago Routing Descriptor Blocks: *, from, 02:12:45 ago, via Ethernet0/1 Route metric is 1536640, traffic share count is 1 Total delay is 2002 microseconds, minimum bandwidth is 10000 Kbit Reliability 255/255, minimum MTU 1500 bytes Loading 1/255, Hops 2 Route tag R10#sh ip route Routing entry for Known via "eigrp 1", distance 170, metric 1536640 Tag, type external Redistributing via ospf 1, eigrp 1 Advertised by ospf 1 subnets Last update from on Ethernet0/1, 02:12:45 ago Routing Descriptor Blocks: *, from, 02:12:45 ago, via Ethernet0/1 Route metric is 1536640, traffic share count is 1 Total delay is 2002 microseconds, minimum bandwidth is 10000 Kbit Reliability 255/255, minimum MTU 1500 bytes Loading 1/255, Hops 2 Route tag I was unable to manage to get that output and only got below output, R9#sh ip route Routing entry for Known via "ospf 1", distance 110, metric 20 Tag Path Length >= 1, AS 44204, 3244, type extern 2, forward metric 30 Redistributing via eigrp 1 Advertised by eigrp 1 route-map OSPF->EIGRP Last update from on Ethernet0/0, 00:29:57 ago Routing Descriptor Blocks: *, from, 00:29:57 ago, via Ethernet0/0 Route metric is 20, traffic share count is 1 Route tag R10#sh ip route Routing entry for Known via "eigrp 1", distance 170, metric 1536640 Tag, type external Redistributing via ospf 1, eigrp 1 Advertised by ospf 1 subnets Last update from on Ethernet0/1, 00:30:17 ago Routing Descriptor Blocks: *, from, 00:30:17 ago, via Ethernet0/1 Route metric is 1536640, traffic share count is 1 Total delay is 2002 microseconds, minimum bandwidth is 10000 Kbit Reliability 255/255, minimum MTU 1500 bytes Loading 1/255, Hops 2 Route tag Second, R1 have to peer with R3,R4,R5,R6,R7 and R8 by using ipv4 and vpnv4 addresses in Question. R1 have to peer with all nine PE routers including R50, R51 and R52 with vpnv4 address in Question. But in Pre-merge Phase 2 diagram provided in Exam mentioned that all nine PE routers are peering with R1 using both IPv4 + VPNv4 address. Thus I configured peering R1 with R50,R51 and R52 with both ipv4 and vpnv4 addresses. However, I did not typed "no bgp def ipv4 uni" command on R50, R51 and R52. Third, I didn't remove "no ip summary-address eigrp 10" on R58 interface e0/0. Beside that, I didn't do any mistakes and manage to get all requested output. Requested output are as below, R11 - "show ip bgp" R19 "ping" "ping" "ping" "ping" SW1, SW2, SW10 - "ping" R101 "ping" "trace" "ping" "trace" "ping" "trace" "ping" Thanks.
  12. Hello everyone, I share a CCIE K3 requirements, and now for everyone to share. [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  13. First of all, thank you for CC forum that provide a lot of materials and hits for this Exam. Exam was pretty much the same we are practicing. TT1: Sw 2 Wrong vlan int ip TT2: Wrong DHCP pool TT3: Summary address on R3 with incorrect subnet mask TT4: Modify EIGRP metric weight TT5: No issue was found TT6: Missing BGP ipv6 peer TT7: add no split horizon int tu0 TT8: R3-R7 and R4-R8 missing peer, missing nat, wrong import/export TT9: crypto transform set mode mismatch TT10: ip nat acces-list incorrect. Diag: 1. SW3 >> sh ip int bri >> ask host 1 mac address. 2. R15 >> excluded NBMA address 3. Asymmetric with uRPF Lab: MST, VRF, EIGRP strongest authentication For Diag, I would like to explain more for anyone who will be first time to take an exam. In this section, system will provide the following information: a. some machines configuration b. some command output information (e.g sh ip route, sh ip int bri, ping x.x.x) c. diagram You need to find the problem base on this information and select the correct device and answer. For TT, I have some suggestion for all buddies. I read some material and solution of IOU lab. The solution suggests removing the configuration for fixing it. For example, default passive-interface under EIGRP or ext access-list. I do not follow it because I can issue specific command for fixing it. So, be careful the solution. Do not trust everything. For Lab, Some configuration was pre-configured for you. You may check the device before configure it. It can save the time for extra configuration and copy the current configuration for replacing the configuration that you need. One more thing for lab section - NTP authentication. The ticket mentioned that R10 and R12 were pre-configured the NTP. I checked the ntp status, only R10 is sync and R12 is unsync. R12 have no ntp configuration. So, Be careful!! Some suggested solution just mention as below for ntp authentication Ntp authenticate Ntp authentication-key 1 md5 CCIERocks$ Ntp trusted-key 1 I issue ntp server command with the key for taking effective. Ntp server X.X.X.X key 1 Thx ^^ Ray
  14. IMPORTANT UPDATE for MAY 11th VERSION Hi all, I've seen that there is an update regarding the WRITTEN: [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] Thanks to ccietoper Hello guys, I'm just jumping in to 400-101, since I have just found out my Written has expired and I was about to scheduled my lab . Having said that, here is what I was able to gather so far on other threads with the updated version as of March 10th 2015, and please PLEASE correct me if I made a mistake, as I said I'm just jumping in. We have some confirmation that the last 100 questions of this "updated" version appears on the latest test. We need more confirmation on this. Thanks, IMPORTANT UPDATE APRIL 27th I read on some other posts that the exam has changed, around 60% of the questions are still valid from the information on this post, unfortunately that is not enough to pass the test. I will be waiting for a new update and will let you guys know. IMPORTANT UPDATE for MAY 11th VERSION Hi all, I've seen that there is an update regarding the WRITTEN: [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] Thanks to ccietoper
  15. This is the latest Actual-Test CCIE R&S v5 written exam dumps on Mega--- [hide] [Hidden Content]] Good Luck
  16. Hi all I have failed the RS written exam 2 days ago. I got 10 question on evolving technology topic which I found simple however very difficult in the detailed asked on the question. Topic: open stack - Devops (chief, puppet etc) - the difference in the options available in Devops cisco ACI internet f the tings - question related to routing in IoT. python - components and how it work Hypervisor technology - types and difference cloud - terms like contract, tenants etc. Ansible - architecture and how it work. there was also a question related to OSPV2 SA (drag and drop) asking about terms listed below: Key identifier (KeyID) Authentication algorithm Authentication Key Key start accept Key start generate key stop accept key stop generate hope this is helpful for the ones which are going to take the exam soon.
  17. Hello Folks, Can someone share the "INE - CCIE R&S - Introduction to MPLS VPNs - Keith Bogart" videos. [Hidden Content]
  18. Hi all, As you must know Cisco released a new version of all CCIE written exams adding the topics SDN, Cloud and IoT. It doesn´t matter what track you want to follow. You must study these technologies. So let´s help each other so all of us can get our objectives.
  19. Hello, I am not really into Alinux. From what I know they are a study group. I am not sure about the Alinux Numbering Scheme. My question is the following; Is Alinux 1 the same as B1 or TS1? Alinux 2 = B2/TS2? Alinux 3 = B3/TS3? Alinux 4 = B4/TS4? Alinux 5 = B2/TS5? and so on and so forth? I want to help and share as much info as possible.
  20. Hello Cisco Engineers I want to ask you if any one can help me with link(s) to be able to download CCIE v5 Written Exam R&S IPexpert I have the Lab Exam for Sr.technincal Instructor Marko Milivojevic tnx in advance
  21. First of all, I would like to say to "UlisD" for his hard work. I don't know why UNL Lite VM (On VMware Workstation 11) return to setup mode, after turn off/restart? Could you please tell me how to fix it? Thank
  22. Please help me? Im planning to do some certification? Which one is worth to do? What is the scope for job? CCIE R&S or collaboration or Data Center? Should I do like as follows: MCSE 2012 R2, Vmware VCP6-DCA, CCIE R&S or MCSE 2012 R2, VCP-6, CCIE DC MCSE 2012 R2, VCP-6, CCIE Collaboration MCSE 2012 R2, VCP-6, CCNP DC, CCNP collaboration which is the best way to do? On CCIE I really confused whether to do DC or collaboration? I like both virtualization and collaboration technologies.
  23. cciers15

    Section 3.1

    Hello, This is the first time I am posting and I need some help with section 3.1 In this section is asking to configure MPLS and one of the requirement is to enable ldp only on required interfaces on all seven routers in AS 12345. My question can I apply "mpls ldp autoconfig" in ospf since ospf is configured for loopback and other local network or I have to configure each interface in AS 12345 with "mpls ip" Thanks.
  24. Hi Friends, Yesterday I booked for my lab exam on 24th of this month. But need to reschedule it for next month due to some personal issues. Is it possible to reschedule it without any penalty ? Experienced pls help me.
  25. Yesterday gave lab and failed in TS because I am not able to fixed 3 question BGP, MPLS and DMVPN a part from that the lab is easy need to study again and go for exam one more time TS1: sw2 interface connected to PC was in wrong VLAN Sw2 had port-security and sticky mac address, i changed the mac-address . SOLVED TS2: R17 was configured with chap callout. ppp ipcp route-default missing in R17 SOLVED TS3: max-lsa was configured on R21 changed to max-lsa start-up 5 There was area range command on R3 i changed it. SOLVED TS4: Delay 1000 command on R13 passive interface on R12 towards R14. there was no ACL/Prefix list. SOLVED TS5: Not solved screwed up badly keep playing with MED still not fixed it L TS6: correct the next-hop on R25 IPv6 Network not advertisement. SOLVED TS7: nhrp authentication wrong on R17 ip map multicast wrongly configured on R18. Not able to solved on R17/R18/R19 dmvpn is showing up but didn’t get any clue to fixed try everything no luck L TS8: no default route originated on R7. Gave up this ticket not solved TS9: crypto was wrong so correct it not sure its fixed or not TS10: NAT issue and ip doman lookup missing. SOLVED Details of Diag: 1 : sw port-security , ask for mac-address 2: redistribute connected in r15 - exclude nbma 3: urpf with acl Configuration: MST strongest Authentication in EIGRP AS 45678 Multicast new question after that no changes
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