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Found 113 results

  1. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. This is the collection of working links from various threads on cerctcollection so that you can get the FULL collection of videos: This is the mega link(working) by TJ4M in the other thread: [Hidden Content] and the link for the last few videos from another thread by, quoting their post yoshi7 [Hidden Content] Please, hide your links next time. Usage: [ hide ] All your Download links [ /hide ] (without spaces) Cheers
  3. Failed with the changes and the outputs on the lab recently. I am not sure if the answers were wrong or the questions were incorrect
  4. Looking for study groups. Can any1 add me to any existing group if any
  5. Looking for TS variations and workgroup. If any one can share or help in any way.. would be awesome
  6. CiscoLive 2018 Barcelona - CCIE SP Practice Lab - [Hidden Content] Direct links on Amazon AWS: [Hidden Content]
  7. Does anybody know about latest addition in CCIE SP CFG questions ? These are recently activated by Cisco. Need Help
  8. Hello All, I noticed lot of study group present here but no one is adding or may be the group is full. I'm creating a new group for preparing for CCIE SP. Kindly Send inbox me i'll create a group and we can interact more and start preparation.
  9. Hi Friends, Can you share Tshoot materials/unl file/diagram for TS2.2,TS3.4 &TS4? I have the rest but am unable to get any feedback for the above Tshoot. As I have my lab coming up this month,any help is much appreciated. As always,thanks a lot for this wonderful community.
  10. Hi, i am studying for the lab for 1 year ago, what is the best date to book the lab now?
  11. Strictly NO Group Buy discussions or initiation under Share and Technical section. Any such posts will be removed without any comments and the member doing so will face stringent action taken against him/her which includes a warning point and disabled posting power. Go to GB section, open a GB topic and wait for Crypt's approval.
  12. Rev1

    Advise needed

    Dear all, I completed my CCNP RS recently, however due to company requirements i have shifted my focus from RS to SP and started gathering information towards CCIE SP, my question is do i have to go through CCNP SP to get solid knowledge or CCNP RS background is enough to proceed for CCIE SP? Thanks alot for your support.
  13. Hello All, I have just started my prep for CCIE SP written. If there is an existing study group, would like to join ,if not I would like to form a group here. Those who are serious about taking the written and have started preparations, contact me(PM me with ur google id or skype id, do not paste ur id's here) plz. Thanks,
  14. Hello, Anyone has Orhan Ergun Self Paced Service Provider/Telecom Training materials? [Hidden Content] Please share.
  15. Is there an active Skype group for SP track? Thanks
  16. Hello everyone, from INE CCIE SP V4 Advanced Technologies Videos after I tried to find and collect in this forum I'm still missing as following. [Hidden Content] Intra-AS MPLS L3VPN - MPLS L3VPN PE-CE Routing with BGP :: Part 3 LISP - Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) :: Part 2 MPLS L3VPN - MPLS L3VPN over DMVPN :: Part 1 - MPLS L3VPN over DMVPN :: Part 2 Anyone can share for me please?
  17. Hi All, Looking for CCIE-SP Workbook+Dump. If anyone has:- 01. SPOTO 02. Passccielab 03. INE 04. PCL If anyone like to share these or sell please ping me. Thanks.
  18. hey there, i am preparing for my lab exam in coming april... i wish you all the best to all others like me who are preparing for theirs , just want to know has anyone passed their CCIE SP lab exam with what lab AND YES EXPRESSING OUT OF CURIOSITY THAT MY EXAM WILL BE BEST AS ALL OF YOURS TOO....
  19. Hi all, As you must know Cisco released a new version of all CCIE written exams adding the topics SDN, Cloud and IoT. It doesn´t matter what track you want to follow. You must study these technologies. So let´s help each other so all of us can get our objectives.
  20. Hi Friends, I am looking for the PUTTY Register for WINDOWS 8 to apply to WEB IOU. Thanks a lot for your help. Kamelo.
  21. Hi Guys, I am struggling in trying to setup the IOU topology with XR routers. Can you please help me with this . I am unable to load the consoles . I have also tried the setup with gns3 topology provided by Sanjana and tried to use XR routers in GNS3 but the Xr routers aren't pinging each other even with the cdp neighbors visible. Another thing I want to confirm is that the diagram in sanjana lab is having different placement of routers in GNS3 compared to lab 2 diagram . Will this impact at all.
  22. Hello , i have questions regarding CCIE SP lab exam,i have an scheduled lab in April. 1)for LAB2 i can see no questions regarding the ME3400,only the request in the VPLS section to configure vlans aren't there any faults on these switches 2)is LAB 2 the only active one or are some people still getting LAB1 as well 3)i can see a doc made by SanjanaIE for LAB1 updated DEC 2013 and another doc uploaded by SanjanaIE called (SPV3-Lab1 *** Latest Update) is there a difference between the two 4)is there any thread here on the site which keeps track of who passed or who didn't to share the experience, i can see individual posts Thanks in advance for any help
  23. I need to prepare for CCIE SP LAB; but I'm always confused for LAB simulation; please advice which LAB simulation will be better for exam GNS3 or Cisco IOU. Thanks
  24. Hi Experts, i'm facing a problem with TE tunnel from R6 to R2 and need your help, output as below R6#sh mpls traffic-eng tunnels tunnel 62 Name: R6_t62 (Tunnel62) Destination: Status: Admin: up Oper: down Path: not valid Signalling: Down path option 1, type explicit 62 Config Parameters: Bandwidth: 6000 kbps (Global) Priority: 7 7 Affinity: 0x0/0xFFFF Metric Type: TE (default) AutoRoute announce: disabled LockDown: disabled Loadshare: 6000 bw-based auto-bw: disabled Shortest Unconstrained Path Info: Path Weight: 3 (TE) Explicit Route: History: Tunnel: Time since created: 37 minutes, 13 seconds Number of LSP IDs (Tun_Instances) used: 82 R6#show mpls interfaces Interface IP Tunnel BGP Static Operational Ethernet1/0 Yes (ldp) Yes No No Yes Ethernet1/2 Yes (ldp) Yes No No Yes Tunnel62 No No No No No interface Tunnel62 ip unnumbered Loopback0 tunnel mode mpls traffic-eng tunnel destination tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority 7 7 tunnel mpls traffic-eng bandwidth 6000 tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option 1 explicit name 62 R6#SHow ip explicit-paths name 62 PATH 62 (strict source route, path complete, generation 18) 1: next-address 2: next-address 3: next-address R6#show ip ospf neighbor Neighbor ID Pri State Dead Time Address Interface 1 FULL/DR 00:00:35 Ethernet1/2 1 FULL/DR 00:00:30 Ethernet1/0 *Dec 9 00:00:38.765: TE-PCALC-API:> {7}: P2P LSP Path Lookup called *Dec 9 00:00:38.769: TE-PCALC:> {7}: Path Request Info *Dec 9 00:00:38.769: Flags: IP_EXPLICIT_PATH METRIC_TE *Dec 9 00:00:38.773: IP explicit-path: Supplied *Dec 9 00:00:38.777: *Dec 9 00:00:38.777: *Dec 9 00:00:38.781: *Dec 9 00:00:38.781: bw 6000, min_bw 0, metric: 0 *Dec 9 00:00:38.785: setup_pri 7, hold_pri 7 *Dec 9 00:00:38.785: affinity_bits 0x0, affinity_mask 0xFFFF *Dec 9 00:00:38.789: TE-PCALC-PATH:> {7}: Area (ospf 9 area 0) Path Lookup begin R6(config)#interface tunnel *Dec 9 00:00:38.793: TE-PCALC-PATH: ip addr not found in this area (ospf 9 area 0) *Dec 9 00:00:38.797: TE-PCALC-PATH:> {7}: Area (ospf 9 area 0) Path Lookup end: path not found *Dec 9 00:00:38.805: TE-PCALC-API:> {7}: P2P LSP Path Lookup result: failed
  25. Building Multiservice Transport Networks Cisco Press, 2006 [Hidden Content]
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